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Madalena Ribeiro – Marketing with Events Management

Hi everyone, my name is Madalena Ribeiro, I am from Portugal and I live in a village called Cascais that is nearby the beach, so when its summer it takes me 2 minutes to go to the beach. A strange fact about this, I am allergic to the sea.
I moved to Birmingham last year because since I remember I always told my parents that I wanted to study abroad for the university. Now I am in my second year of Marketing with Events Management, and thanks to UCB I am able to study what I am passionate about with people that have the same passion.

One of my favourite hobbies is to watch series and movies, especially superheroes that I didn’t know that I liked until my boyfriend introduced me to them. I also like to shopping like every girl and obviously to travel, and I just have one continent left to visit, what is amazing.

Finally, my experience living alone in a different country has been amazing until now, I made a lot of friends from Portugal and from all over the world , but also I already had 2 jobs without any work experience from the past.


Nurul A’dilah Ahmad – FdSc Applied Food and Nutrition

Hello Everyone!

My name is Nurul A’dilah Ahmad. I am from a tiny country called Brunei. Where is that I hear you say? It is located on Borneo Island in Southeast Asia. I am bilingual, so I can speak both Malay and English.

I am currently in my final year studying BSc (Hons) Applied Food & Nutrition. I can’t wait to graduate but at the same time it will be sad to say goodbye to UCB. My time at the university has been meaningful so far, I’ve learned and discovered a lot of new things so I can’t wait to show the world what I have to offer after I graduate.

I love literature so it isn’t a surprise that I love to read and write. I’ve been told that I’m a deep thinker. So I write things to keep me grounded and sometimes to explore my thoughts even more. A random fact about me, when things get too overwhelming for me, I write to organise my thoughts and sometimes it helps me in finding solutions to my problems. I also enjoy cooking and baking as it is therapeutic to me. If you can’t tell by my hobbies, I am an introvert.

I hope whatever I write is interesting enough and will have a positive impact on others. Think of me as that quiet friend who is always zoning out and you wonder what is she thinking so deeply about in her head.


Ariana Astrid Chavez Gamarra – BA (Hons) Culinary Arts Management

Hi, my name is Ariana, I’m 19 years old and currently on my second year (placement) studying Culinary Arts Management.

I’m from Peru, I lived 18 years in the capital, Lima. Where I discovered I enjoyed reading, cooking, learning about fine arts and riding my bike. If you were wondering, I speak Spanish although there are some other native languages that I would really like to learn, like the second most important, Quechua.

I decided to study at UCB because I found my course and discovered that the facilities are very complete. This would help me get to know all the perspectives, both theory and practice, and fully experience the student journey. Also, Birmingham looked very interesting. I mean, it is a city, but not too big or too small for me.

Lastly, 3 random facts about me: I love recycling, I enjoy doing puzzles and my favourite chef is my mum.