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Free (but fun!) things to do in the summer

Free (but fun!) things to do in the summer

I know it’s nice to get out of the country, especially during the summer to explore new things and learn from it, or to spend on some luxuries (because it’s nice to do that at least once in a while, you know…)

Watch a movie

Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or HBO, we don’t necessarily have to go to the cinemas to see a movie. You can have everything at home.

Go to the park

Investigate what your city has to offer and plan a low-cost family outing. Look into the best playgrounds in your area. Enquire with other parents about fun, free play areas and parks. Set a goal of visiting all of the parks in your area and swinging on every swing set.

Visit the library

This place is fantastic. The library can help you save money. In the summer, it is the ideal location for free air conditioning. Many offer free lecture series or low-cost classes on topics ranging from pottery to genealogy.

Some libraries also have play areas for children with free games and activities. Check the calendar at your library to see what events are coming up.

Learn to cook something new

Experiment with a new recipe. Summer is an excellent time to experiment with new recipes, such as gazpacho or Thai curry. Do you prefer spending time outside? Preheat the grill for rare meat (e.g. ostrich burgers).

Have a car boot sale

Have fun (and make money) by getting rid of all of your unwanted items. Your home will feel much cleaner and more organised once all of the excess items have been removed. A successful car boot sale also allows you to meet your neighbours.

Go for a hike

Look for hiking trails in a nearby national park. Enquire with your friends and family about their favourite outdoor hiking spots. Grab a backpack, some snacks, a compass and your map, and go exploring.

Have a picnic

Break out the picnic basket and blanket instead of eating lunch at your kitchen table for the umpteenth time. Get some vitamin D while you eat.

There’s a lot of things you can do if you just look further… You can always turn to Google for help if you come up empty-handed!

That’s all for today’s blog, and I hope you took something away from this! See you next Tuesday!

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