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Ways to Keep Cool in the Heat!

Ways to Keep Cool in the Heat!

It’s funny how all winter we groan about how cold it is, and we eagerly wait for summer to roll around. But once summer comes, we moan that it’s too hot. Yes, it’s great to have heat every now and then, but it’s just too hot at the moment. Therefore, I thought I’d list down some simple ways that you can keep yourself cool in the heat!

Purchase yourself a fan

It’s rare in the UK to have air-conditioning installed in homes. Usually, the go-to solution is to buy yourself a fan, however, there are days where it’s just too hot and having a fan on won’t make a difference. Therefore, some people have suggested freezing a bottle of water and placing it in front of the fan. Apparently, this should produce a similar, if slightly less effective, result to air conditioning.

Wear light and loose clothing

For a long time, I have always thought that wearing a cropped tank top and shorts could help with keeping myself cool, but personally I found never worked. Then I found out that it depends on the colour and the fabric you choose to wear. Dark colours absorb more heat than light colours, therefore it’s wiser to go for that white shirt! ‘Light’ doesn’t only apply to the colours of your clothes, but to the fitting and material of the clothes as well. It’s better to wear loose t-shirts, shorts and dresses made out of cotton or linen. They’ll feel much airier than tight, denim clothes.

Open your windows and doors, but close your curtains

Direct sunlight will heat up your room even more, so by closing the curtains you’re blocking off the worst offender. Secondly, you should open your windows to allow the air in your home to circulate. Nobody wants a stuffy house, and on the off-chance that there’s a cool breeze outside, you’ll want to catch some of it indoors.

Know where to apply cold water and ice

We all know applying ice and cold water to your body will make you feel cooler, but do you know where? The great places to start are your wrists, elbows and joint creases. Other effective areas would be your temples and your forehead. Soaking your feet in some cold water can help you cool down as well.

That’s all for today’s blog, and I hope you took something from this! Take care and always remember to keep yourself hydrated during this warm weather! 🙂

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