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Heat waves as a consequence of climate change

Heat waves as a consequence of climate change

We are witnessing high temperatures recorded all over the world, from America to Western Europe and China. Temperatures are rising to more than 40 degrees Celsius, even in places where such high temperatures are not common, like England.

Why is this so and what does the future hold for us?

As I already wrote in one of my blogs, climate change is a reality, something that our generation will very much encounter and will have to do everything to reduce its devastating impact on humanity.

Climate change on Earth is something completely normal and something that has happened before and will happen in the future. Man’s influence on it is minimal – of course it exists, but it is not the main reason, it is something completely normal. The only question is what awaits us in the future and how to fight against the devastating impact of climate change on modern humanity?

As I said, heat waves are sweeping Europe this summer and they are an indication of what awaits us in the future. More and more heat waves like this, which will kill thousands of people across Europe and the world, will happen every summer. Winters will become milder and summers hotter, and such a thing will certainly disrupt the natural balance and damage entire ecosystems. But we are to blame for that because we did not start preparing in time for what is sure to come.

Will the heatwave hitting England this week be the last? No way. It will be just one of many that will happen this summer and in the years to come.

I am from Croatia, which is a very warm country, and temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius or more are somewhat normal every summer and we are used to it.

Of course, you should avoid exposure to the Sun between 10am and 6pm. Drink plenty of fluids and everything will be fine.

Cheers and see you on the next blog!

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