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Urie Diaries: A Weekend in London

Urie Diaries: A Weekend in London

I have been meaning to write another entry for Urie Diaries. However, I kept putting it off because there weren’t any event-filled moments since I finished my second year. And if there were any action-packed days, they were usually short, and the days following them were usually… boring.

So, I chose not to write about it and have waited for the days when I have had something happening on at least 2 consecutive days. Luckily for me, I decided to travel back to London and spend time with my parents for a while. 

Saturday, 18 June 

My train was at 13:18, but I decided to wake up earlier than that to prepare. However, when I told myself to ‘wake up early,’ I thought 11 o’clock… But for some reason, my body clock woke me up at 9 and I refused to go back to sleep just in case I slept way past 11 and had no time to prepare. (Which is my worst nightmare. LOL.) 

Once I was ready, I put everything back in its place, tidied my bed, shut my luggage and ate a banana. I do remember being a little hesitant about the choice of clothing I put on that day. The previous days were hot and sunny, but on this specific day, it decided to be gloomy and chilly. In fact, I was extremely anxious because I usually walk to the station and I kept debating whether I should risk all my hard work of getting ready and just walk through this awful weather in my short skirt, or should I save myself all this trouble and call an Uber? 

Here’s the thing: I’ve never taken an Uber alone before. And the thought of taking one terrified me. However, once the time struck 12:20, I knew I had no time to be a scaredy-cat and booked an Uber instead, considering that it started to pour. Throughout the short trip to the station, I mentally face-palmed myself for overthinking so much. “It’s actually not that bad,” I told myself. Around 12:30-ish, I managed to get myself into the station with my make-up still in place and no embarrassing moments of my skirt flying up. (I jinxed myself on this.) 

I stopped by Foyles to buy myself a book to keep myself company throughout the train ride. I purchased Florence Given’s ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’ book as I came across it on TikTok the night before, and I thought there were some interesting and eye-opening topics that I wanted to look into. After buying it, I stopped by the toilet before making my way toward the platform.

I remember being so excited because I have been given a reserved seat, and I usually never get it. However, when I got to the assigned coach and seat, there was already someone sitting on it. I glanced over to the lady, she smiled and waved me off. “It’s alright. Nobody really cares about the reserved seats.” I nodded hesitantly and chuckled nervously, before taking the seat opposite hers. This momentarily got me anxious since I’d probably taken someone else’s reserved seat. My worries slowly faltered throughout the trip when no one came up to me and said that I was sitting in their seat. 

Anyways, I arrived at Euston Station at 15:18 and minutes after, my parents picked me up. We stopped by my Mum’s friends since we bought tote bags and pillow covers from hers. After fixing ourselves a little bit, we hopped into the car and dropped her at a Japanese restaurant.

Meanwhile, we drove to Regent’s Park and decided to investigate this event happening inside the park called ‘Taste of London.’ Before going in, we thought of getting a snack by their café because I was starving, and as I mentioned earlier, I only had a banana. While walking around the park and taking pictures, it started to drizzle which gave us no chance to visit the exhibition, but we didn’t really complain and just sat inside the car for a bit before driving to Dominion Theatre because I wanted to see the Prince of Egypt musical. Alas, they had already left and had been replaced by Grease. (I didn’t complain cos I loved this movie as a kid.) 

@_urbngc: gloomy london 🌧

However, my parents weren’t keen on watching that musical. So, we decided to head towards Covent Garden and check out The Lion King musical. Along the way, we got distracted by the Frozen musical and decided to watch that instead.

As we were seated, I was overcome with a great sense of nostalgia and disbelief, realising that the Frozen movie came out 9 years ago and I was 11 years old when I first saw it. Yet here I was, 20 years old and getting settled to watch the musical version of it. I haven’t seen the movie in so long, but it was still a part of my childhood so naturally, I remembered some bits of it. Regardless, I came to it with an open and unbiased mind… And wow… The musical was amazing. I was so surprised at how they did the transformation bit during the ‘Let It Go’ scene. 

It was around nine o’clock when we finished the musical, and we headed to La Porchetta Pollo Bar… Our go-to Italian restaurant. If I remember correctly, we ordered a Tartufo pizza and pasta, and gnocchi with tomato sauce. After a fulfilling late dinner, we agreed on heading home and calling it a night.  

Sunday, 19 June 

It was Father’s Day and we decided to commemorate it by watching the England vs Barbarians rugby game held at Twickenham. It was 15:00 and we decided to go a little bit earlier since my Mum and I wanted to get some shirts from their store. I don’t really remember what time we arrived, but I do remember that it was around 14:30 when we were queueing to pay for the shirts, and I remember that my Mum and I were queueing at the toilet so we could get changed and it was close to game time. Once we were finished, we hurried to our seats and missed a few minutes of the game. Luckily, we didn’t miss too much so it’s all good. 

At the end of the day, England didn’t win but it was still a good game regardless. I just felt sorry for whoever was sitting in front of me for the number of times I yelled every time they scored. After the game, we caught up with the rest of my family members and grabbed a few drinks for a little chit-chat. Then we headed straight home to relax. Sunday wasn’t as much as Saturday, but it was a fun Father’s Day celebration.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog and I hope you also had a wonderful weekend! 

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