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Graffiti – art or vandalism?

Graffiti – art or vandalism?

Hello everyone, how are you? I’m fine and enjoying the sun in Croatia!

Today we’re going to talk about graffiti – is it art or just vandalism?

Since the beginning of humanity, people have loved to paint the space around them, the space in which they live. From the caveman who painted the caves in which he lived with motifs from everyday life such as hunting, all the way to ancient Egypt and the pyramids where the pharaohs were buried, which were painted in honour of the pharaohs.

The modern history of graffiti began in the 1970s and 1980s in New York City, and the practice of painting walls began to spread rapidly around the world. Nowadays, graffiti can be found in absolutely every city on the planet.

Sometimes it can be love messages, sometimes political, drawings with the symbols of the local football club, and sometimes it can just be nonsense. So is graffiti nonsense and vandalism, or art?

My personal opinion is that it is art, the people who do it professionally are truly artists, and many people do not understand and accept their work.

As I said, graffiti can be with different motives and made with different intentions, and each graffiti has a story behind it (at least those that are not just plain scratches).

People with their drawings try to send a message or just decorate some boring grey wall. In any case it’s nicer to see any drawing than boring grey wall. Graffiti really makes cities more beautiful.

Sometimes, local authorities ask for a wall to be decorated, and most graffiti that is made “illegally” will not be erased, of course, unless it is offensive to an individual or group of people, which does not happen often.

In the end, graffiti makes small additions to the view of cities and it is always good to add a little colour to the world we live in, even if it was a drawing on the wall in the suburbs of a city. Graffiti is an art, and art needs to be done by artists in order to have real masterpieces in cities, not scribbles.

Talk to you next week!

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