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Summer Bucket List: Solo Edition

Summer Bucket List: Solo Edition

The weather is getting warmer, the skies are becoming clearer (well… not really, but we’re not gonna talk about that 👀). It’s time to shove all the woollen jumpers and thick coats to the back of the closet and pull out the denim shorts and bikini tops, because I think it’s safe to say that the #hotgirlsummer is right around the corner. 

Now normally, most people would have probably booked holiday trips to Greece with their friends or to amusement sites with their family. However, some people love to do activities alone… (Ehem – me – ehem) If you have read my ‘being alone’ blog, and in some of my diaries, I have mentioned that I love spending some time alone. Although there has been this massive wave of influencers promoting self-care by learning how to spend time alone, it’s not as common as how they present it on social media. Therefore, I thought it would be a cool idea to share some things to do alone this summer that you can add to your bucket list! ☺️🌷

  • Go Berry Picking! 🍓

Although berry picking is seen as a group-centred activity to do, there is also no harm in trying berry picking by yourself. Besides, if you go berry picking alone, you can just imagine yourself as a main character and everyone else is a background character. Also, I feel like it’s better than buying berries in plastic packaging from the grocery!

There are many berry picking sites all over England. There is one in Lifton, Devon called ‘Strawberry Fields,’ or if you’re from the Midlands, you can check out ‘Essington Fruit Farm.’ Or if you’re planning to visit London this summer, don’t forget to stop by ‘Parkside Farm’! 

  • Reading at the beach/park 🏖

It would be so out of character for me to not include reading in any list whatsoever! Find a nearby park, sprawl your picnic blanket and waste your time away as your eyes chase the words from page to page! If you want to take it up a notch, you can always drive to a nearby beach and read!

Just thinking about it makes me so excited for summer! Oh, the number of books I would be reading! And if you’re not into reading, you can always bring your favourite magazine, or comic books – or do art! 

  • Visit bookfairs! 🔖

Okay! Last time mentioning books in this list! But another activity you can do alone this summer is attending a book fair! Sure, you can just go to a normal bookshop, but again… there’s no harm in trying to change up your routine!

There’s a book fair event happening in the second week of July in Harbor Park, Camden. Catch up if you can, but if you can’t, then you can always keep an eye on other places in London and see if there are any book fair events you can attend! 

  • Visit a museum 🏛

I will never get tired of visiting museums, no matter how many times I’ve been! I guess I can say I’m fortunate that I’m forgetful because I never remember anything from the museum at all! 

  • Buy yourself flowers! 💐

This may sound cheesy, but buying flowers is one way to spice up your living room this summer! Just make sure you keep ‘em bugs away! 

  • Attend a car boot sale! 🚘

Car boot sales, to those who are unfamiliar, are basically like thrifting but it’s coming from someone’s car boot. (Not really lol… But you get the gist. 🙈) I always look forward to car boot sales during the summer, as not only are they affordable and sustainable, but you also get to find incredible pieces that have so many stories behind them that people are willing to share and give to others!

You can also feel the heat of the sun as the sales usually go throughout the middle of the day, so don’t forget to bring a hat, and smother yourself in sunscreen to protect your skin! And if you’re hungry, they usually have hotdogs or kebab stands nearby to quench your hunger! 

  • Lastly, go bake! 🥧

For some odd reason, baking gives me a great surge of serotonin! I’m no professional, I only know the basics but it’s enough to keep me busy during the summer! And I enjoy learning new things as well! So maybe this is one thing you can do, and maybe you can share your creations with your neighbours as well! 

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