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Ryanair – the best or the worst airline?

Ryanair – the best or the worst airline?

Hello everyone. Today I will talk about Ryanair and all the advantages and disadvantages of low cost airlines.

Ryanair is a low cost airline (obviously). It is headquartered in Ireland, with a fleet of 506 aircraft flying to 225 destinations in 37 European countries. They mainly use Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A320-200 for flying.

Let’s start with the comfort of an airplane. Ryanair planes are relatively comfortable, the seats could be a little more comfortable, but they are okay. What is a problem for every person taller than 180 centimeters is the legroom, which is practically non-existent.

Ryanair is one of the safest companies and I have never had any problems as far as the technical side of the aircraft is concerned. The plane will take off and land without any problems (we’ll talk about landing a little later, that’s a story for itself).

What does the whole trip with Ryanair look like? Let’s start from the beginning. You buy a ticket (take Zagreb-Manchester for example). You will pay between £5 and £30 if you buy it on time (ticket prices vary drastically, so a ticket for this flight can cost £5 in the morning and £250 in the afternoon) so watch out for that. Furthermore, when you see the price of the ticket, for that price you have your place on the plane logically and a backpack, but everything else is charged. You pay around £20 for a cabin bag and around £25 for check-in luggage.

So you’ve bought a ticket, the day of your flight comes, and you come to the airport (USE ONLINE CHECK IN, otherwise you will pay £60 to check in at the airport.) If you have a cabin bag, pay attention to the dimensions, as you will be charged £50 if your bag is too big (I speak from experience).

You’ve been through this part, now the boring part with security blah blah blah blah … Ryanair has nothing to do with it. You get to your gate (your gate is always the farthest and you will walk at least 5 minutes if you are at a big airport like Stansted).

You’ve come to boarding, that part is really going fast. You board the plane from the parking lot, that is, you do not go through that tunnel. Honestly, I prefer this because you see the plane from the outside and you can see if it is missing one part, such as a wing or something like that.

You get on the plane, sit down in your seat and the takeoff starts, everything is great. The plane flies at an altitude of 11km, and food and drinks are served on the plane.

One thing you have to remember. RyanAir gives you absolutely nothing for free. Everything you want you have to pay, absolutely everything. That’s totally okay with me, because you paid £5 for the ticket, what can you expect? Certainly not champagne and caviar.

You arrive at your destination, and it’s time to land. RYANAIR CANNOT LAND SMOOTHLY. That is simply not possible. It will break all your bones every time. I’m kidding of course, nothing will happen to you, but the landing is really not pleasant and everyone who has ridden with Ryanair at least once knows that.

In conclusion, Ryanair is a fantastic company despite all the problems. With Ryanair you can fly for a ridiculously small amount and low cost airlines have brought a revolution to aviation. I would definitely recommend Ryanair to everyone, they are the best!

P.S If Ryanair happens to see this, give me some vouchers, I said all the best about you. Cheers!

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