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Tips for home remedies!

Tips for home remedies!

I have recently caught a mild sore throat and cold, so I thought for today’s blog, I’d write about some tips for home remedies! Of course, I would recommend you attend your GP if you feel very ill, but this is only when you don’t have anything in your med cabinet that could be helpful!

First on your list is to always keep yourself hydrated! A lot of people I have met always underestimate drinking water, and that also includes myself! (LOL.) My dad always reminds me to drink water every day. It does wonders, such as clearing your skin and helping with your immune system, but it also helps when you’re sick as you tend to get dehydrated when you’re unwell.

Another tip is to be well-rested. The number of times I have taken for granted to rest whenever I’m sick is innumerable! I always assumed being ill was a “holiday” when I was younger. I would stay at home and be in bed all day and be on my phone. But of course, as I grew up, I realised how being well-rested can be helpful and beneficial. Like drinking water, resting is just as important and should never be underestimated.

Ginger, lemon and honey tea! I absolutely hated this drink when I was a kid! They would always brew ginger in a hot pot whenever I got sick and mix in lemon and honey afterwards. I never really liked it, but for some reason, now that I’m older, this is the drink that I would always think of making whenever I’m sick.

Lastly, always remember to stock up. Despite these home remedies, it is still efficient to have a stock of things like paracetamol, ibuprofen, Strepsils and Lemsip in your cabinets. These were all my go-to meds whenever I felt under the weather!

Anyways, today’s blog is slightly short, but I hope you enjoyed it regardless, and I hope you can take away something from this! See you next Tuesday!

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