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Trip to Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Trip to Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Hello everyone! In today’s blog I will write about a trip to Palma de Mallorca provided by University College Birmingham.

We set off on 25 April 2022. We flew from Birmingham in the direction of Palma de Mallorca. Our flight was at 7:30 in the morning and we were supposed to arrive at the airport at least 3-and-a-half hours earlier. We boarded a plane and embarked on a two-hour flight to the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean.

The flight to Spain passed smoothly and safely. We landed after about 2-and-a-half hours of flying. At the airport in Spain we were greeted by a huge queue at the border which we passed surprisingly quickly.

After we all went through immigration and picked up our suitcases, we were greeted by a bus that was supposed to take us to the whala!beach hotel in the town of El Arenal, which is located about 10 kilometres from Palma de Mallorca.
The hotel was very nice, and the hotel staff were very helpful.

Hotel whala!beach has 3 stars, but is located only 50 metres from the beach where we spent much of our free time. After we checked in at the hotel and settled into the rooms it was time to swim in the sea. The sea temperature was about 16 degrees, warm enough for swimming and playing with the ball.

The rest of the day we did not have any planned activities, so we spent the afternoon hanging out with friends and enjoying the sunset over the Mediterranean.


The next day we drove to the east side of the island to visit Cuevas del Drach, a beautiful cave that is 25 metres deep. At the bottom of the cave is a lake where we enjoyed a short concert of classical music. We then rode in boats on that lake, a truly unforgettable experience.

After the cave we went to visit the small town of Porto Cristo where we tried coffee (the most expensive ever).
After Porto Cristo we went back to the hotel where we hung out with each other and went to sleep.


On the third day of our trip we visited a winery. We tasted some famous wines from the island that were really great. Our guide in that winery explained to us the whole process of making different types of wine.

After the winery we headed back to the hotel where we spent the afternoon swimming, then we went to eat something but we went back for a night swim at 1am (worst idea ever, I’m still sick).


The last day of our trip to Spain was scheduled to explore the island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca. The city has a little more than 400,000 inhabitants and we explored it using the tourist bus hop-in hop-off which was paid for us.

After that we went to eat something else and take a walk around the city and headed to the hotel. We packed up at the hotel as it was time to leave for Birmingham the next day.


On the fifth day it was time to leave. Around 9am we were at the airport waiting for our flight to Birmingham which was at noon. The flight went great again and we arrived in Birmingham around 3pm.


This was a wonderful experience. On behalf of all, I would like to sincerely thank University College Birmingham for giving us a wonderful trip and the opportunity to finally get to know each other better after Covid destroyed it last year. Thanks to all the professors who were with us and looked after us, especially Paul.

And finally, thank you to my Croats, Portuguese and people from Poland with whom I spent 5 wonderful days and made new friends.

Next year, only the sky is the border, Greece… we are coming! AAAAAAAAAAA!

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