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Strange things that people in the UK do

Hello everyone, how are you today?
I'm still on holiday in Croatia, but I'm going back to England soon, sad story.
Today, we will talk about some things that people in Britain do that are strange to me as a Croat.

Driving on the left
There are 198 independent states in the world, people drive on the left in 76 states. These are mostly states that were former colonies of the British Empire.

As a Croat, it is strange to me. Although I don’t have a car in Britain and I don’t drive, several times I was almost hit by a car because I was looking in the wrong direction when I was crossing the road. I don't think I could have learned that since I barely remembered the right-hand traffic rules when I took the driving test in Croatia, and now I should learn the same thing just the other way around… impossible if you ask me.

The British apologise every five minutes

The British apologise for absolutely everything. They apologise when they are and when they are not guilty. This is really nice, but strange because there is no such thing in Croatia. If you hit someone on the street in Croatia, there is a good chance that they will insult you, in Britain that person will apologise to you, even though they are not guilty.

You alright mate?

The phrase “You alright?” Is a greeting that is not expected to be answered… it is very strange because I always answer thinking that someone is asking me how I am until my friends explain to me that it is a greeting and that there is no need to respond. Now that I know that, I still respond to that greeting and say that I am fine.

The washing machine is in the kitchen

When I came to the UK in September 2020 and saw a washing machine in the kitchen, I thought someone was joking with me. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen and I’ll never understand why your washing machines are in the kitchen and not in the toilet.

Tea with milk

Okay, now one serious question. WHY DO YOU PUT MILK IN TEA? It’s so weird and I’ve never seen anyone do it except here. I’d really like to get an explanation for it…

And that’s it for today, I’ll talk to you next week. Cheers!

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