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Urie Diaries: A Day in London

Urie Diaries: A Day in London

It’s been so long since I have written an entry for ‘Urie Diaries,’ so I thought today would be a good chance to revisit the series.

The 9th of April was the beginning of our Easter break, so I thought I’d come home. At first, I was hesitant but with enough convincing from my parents (Mum especially), I had instantly bought a ticket home in no time. I literally bought it the day before, the spontaneity made me a little apprehensive, but it wore off when I slept. 

I don’t remember waking up too early. I probably didn’t, considering that my boarding time was at one in the afternoon. I spent the rest of the morning, relaxing and getting ready. By twelve noon, I zipped up my luggage, put on my jacket and headed to New Street Station. As usual, I arrived at the station way too early, but I didn’t mind as I had Jane Austen to entertain me. Fifteen minutes before the departing time, I headed to the station so I could grab myself a seat and the rest of the train journey went as smoothly. 

I arrived at Euston Station, where my parents were to pick me up, around three o’clock. After lots of kisses and hugging, I jumped in the car and drove off to Covent Garden to visit the Seven Dials Market, but specifically, Bong Bongs Manila Kanteen. The food was innovative and creative, mixing Filipino cuisine with the rest of the world. I remember my Mum ordered a Sisig, which is a rough-hewn dish of (usually) meat, but in this case, it was vegan and used mushrooms instead. They also incorporated Chinese cuisine as it came with a pancake, just like the Crispy Duck pancakes. 

After eating, we paid for our meal and headed towards Regent Street, since my dad wanted to look for something. (Surprise! He didn’t need anything, but my Mum and I ended up finding something for him!) It was a pair of navy blue menage trousers and sage green polo. Just in time for his business trip to Chile! Anyways, it was around seven-something in the evening when we were done with Zara and decided to look for desserts. We headed back to Covent Garden and found that most cafes were closed. Luckily, Crème de la Crepe was open. Well, actually, they were getting ready to close. However, they were kind enough to let us order and sit outside while we hurriedly eat our creamy crepes and hot drinks. 

Once we were done, it was already half-past eight, therefore, we collectively agreed that it was time to go home. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take many pictures. However, I did vlog it though, which I linked below!

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