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Strange things that Croats do

Strange things that Croats do

Hello everyone. How are you today?

I’m bothered by Amazon. Amazon bothers me a lot. I received a notification that the package had been delivered to reception in my building. You know what the problem is? My building does not have a reception. I really don’t know where they delivered that package or what they are doing …

Basically, today we are talking about the somewhat strange things that my people are doing. I mean they are weird to strangers, but we understand that as something completely normal (it’s not normal…)

Croats swear a lot

Croats swear a lot. Along with Hungarians and Italians, we are European champions in swearing. Ah, I love my country. Our swear words are very “juicy”, but we use them as conjunctions in a sentence.

Also, if a foreigner comes to the company of Croats, we will teach him to swear. Rest assured, we are proud of our swearing and it’s a part of our culture.

Swearing is not so bad. If you get hurt it has been scientifically proven that swearing will reduce your pain… or the placebo effect, it will generally hurt you less.

I can’t give you some examples of swearing now since I have to be polite, but Google it, you will find something interesting.

Rakija is a cure for absolutely everything

Ah Rakija…. rakija is a famous alcoholic beverage from the Balkans. It’s similar to tequila … but rakija is much stronger.
Tequila has an average of 35% alcohol, while rakija has between 45% and 55%… the strongest I drank had 60% alcohol…

Now I will tell you something very very important. If you ever find yourself in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia or Montenegro and if someone offers you homemade rakija, don’t even think about refusing it, we consider it an insult. But for the sake of your health, don’t drink too much, you will probably die…

I’m kidding, of course you will not die. But the next day you will be in a coma, your soul will part from your body and you will not be able to get out of bed. The Balkans can do that, we are used to it… because we use it for medical purposes.

Examples? When I was a child and had a high temperature, my mother put on socks soaked in rakija on my feet to reduce the temperature … it always worked. If you have a sore throat, drink some rakija. If you have a headache, put a cloth soaked in rakija on your forehead… revolutionary Balkan medicine.

Don’t think about sitting on cold concrete

If you still think that Croats are normal… now I will prove to you that we are not.

Sitting on cold concrete in my country is one of the deadly sins. If you ask my grandmother, sitting on cold concrete is the source of all the problems on this planet.

Croatia is a very warm country, and in the summer the temperature easily exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. But that does not give you the right to sit on concrete that has just begun to melt from the heat, because if you ask grandparents from Croatia, it is still cold and you will die if you sit on it because you catch a cold. After that your kidneys will fail and you will die a slow and painful death…. yes, that’s how they describe it.

Sitting in a cafe for 5 hours

Basically, sitting in a cafe… a favourite pastime of all Croats, regardless of age and gender.

Take a walk in absolutely any city in Croatia at noon when the weather is nice and you will see the crowded terraces of cafes. Remember, it’s noon, in the middle of working hours… and then we wonder why we don’t have money…

But it’s something wonderful. You spend time with friends over coffee in the sun. Work is not a rabbit, it won’t run away. That’s the sentence we follow.

And yes, one more thing… I have been living in England for 2 years and I haven’t had a good coffee yet. The UK has very bad coffee. Croatia is close to Italy, a practical homeland of coffee, and we picked up that art from them. Thanks neighbours, we love you!

Croatian weddings must always have the Croatian flag

Croatian weddings are interesting for two reasons. First of all, they are huge. The average Croatian wedding has between 300 and 500 guests. We invite absolutely everyone to the wedding, all friends, the whole family, all acquaintances, colleagues from work… everyone is welcome!

On the way from the church to the place where the wedding is celebrated, there is a column of 50 to 100 cars that are constantly honking, and the first car in that column has at least one Croatian flag, minimum length of 3 metres. So in 95% of weddings in Croatia, the atmosphere is really fantastic. And yes, weddings are celebrated for at least 5 days.

We love pyrotechnics

As you can see in the pictures above, we love flares, firecrackers, fireworks and anything that shines and produces a loud sound.

Torches are an integral part of 18th birthdays in Croatia, football matches in the Croatian league, weddings and, of course, when the Croatian national football team wins. And that is often. What can I tell you, we like to win.

New Year’s celebrations in Croatia look like you’re at war. Fireworks, explosions, the sky usually changes colour to red.

After we won second place at the World Cup in Russia in 2018, our footballers were welcomed by more than half a million people, or more than 12% of the population of Croatia, and our capital was on fire! See this picture of the main Croatian square in Zagreb.

See you soon, bye!

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