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TOP 5: My favourite TV series

TOP 5: My favourite TV series

Hello everyone. Today we take a break from some philosophical topics and go for something relaxing for the end of a busy week. My thumb doesn’t hurt anymore. That’s good news.

Anyway, today we talk about my top 5 favourite series. Of course, as for the movies, we stay with the good old SF genre. So let’s see what I love to watch.


In fifth place we have the Manifest series. What is it about?

The action series follows the passengers of a plane that took off in 2013 somewhere from the Caribbean (I think – it doesn’t matter) and lands somewhere in the USA. For the passengers, it was an ordinary flight during which they had turbulence. But when they landed, the plane was surrounded by police, ambulance, firefighters and CIA agents.

When passengers asked what the problem was, one of the agents said that this plane disappeared 5 years ago and that it is currently 2018. Nothing was clear to the passengers because for them it was a normal flight, and no one got old. The plot then moves in a completely unexpected direction, but I won’t spoil anything.

The series definitely holds attention and is worth a high 5th place.


In fourth place we have the mega-popular Peaky Blinders series. I believe that every resident of Birmingham knows about this series since the action takes place right here in Birmingham, in Small Heath. The series follows a certain Shelby family and their business and criminal growth as some of the things they do are not so legal.

One of the few series of which I can say each season is better than the previous one, as most series lose quality over the seasons, yet Peaky Blinders is getting better and better and I can’t wait for the new season to come on Netflix.
Check out Peaky Blinders if you haven’t already.


Ah, Walking Dead … a series that ended broadcasting after 11 years, but that’s why a few more spin-offs and a few movies are coming.

Anyway, the plot of this series follows a group of people in a zombie apocalypse and their maturation over the years, the struggle for survival and much more. As much as people hate this series, it is one of my favorites, since it was really well shot, and the plot is fantastic. Daryl is the best character and it is not open to discussion.


In second place we have The Big Bang Theory. This is a series that I have watched dozens of times since it is constantly aired on television in Croatia, and I am constantly watching and will watch as long as I am still alive. The series is FANTASTIC, absolutely everything in this series is ingenious and I adore it.

The plot follows Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard who are classic “nerds”. They are all scientists and not very successful in finding girls. Sheldon is the most interesting character. He is almost 30 years old, but he still torments his roommate Leonard to drive him everywhere and dictates more or less how he will lead his life.

Mostly the series is fantastic, so watch it!


You can ask me which is my favourite movie, favourite color or favourite song and I will probably give you a different answer every day. But if you ask me which is my favourite series then there is absolutely no dilemma.

It’s Doctor Who, the most profitable British series of all time and a series that marked my childhood. I think this series and pudding are some of the best things that Britain has given to the world.

The plot follows the Lord of Time, an immortal alien in his TARDIS (or time machine) that travels through time and solves various historical puzzles. The series is simply perfect, I have absolutely nothing to complain about in this series (until the 8th season – after that we have something to talk about).

If you live in the UK and have never watched the Doctor Who series, you probably live under a rock. I’m kidding of course, but the series is really worth a look.

See you next week, guys!

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