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UFO over Birmingham?

UFO over Birmingham?

Greetings, inhabitants of the planet Earth.

I hope you are well because I am not. My thumb on my right hand hurts all day, I don’t know what I did while sleeping but I want it to stop hurting.

Today’s topic, my view of a UFO 2 weeks ago, or 3, I’m not sure – doesn’t matter.

What I found interesting was the night sky above our cloudy island which is, if you didn’t know, the third most populated island in the world after Java in Indonesia and the island of Honshu in Japan. Remember these fun facts I’m telling you and tell them to your company at the next party, you’ll be the funniest man out there, I guarantee you.
Let’s get back to the topic.

So 2 and a half weeks ago on a Sunday to Monday night, I was looking through my balcony at 5:15 in the morning like any normal person does. And no, I didn’t wake up at 5 in the morning, but I was awake until 5 in the morning, or until 7 in the morning that day, but you get the point. I’m not normal I know, leave me alone.

So it was 5:15 am and I noticed something interesting in the southeast. It was a dot, much brighter than a star flying in the sky. I thought okay, it’s a fast plane, I’m going to look at the flight radar where it’s going. But at that time there were no planes on that side of the world. There was some random plane flying for Dublin, but that was in the west of the city.

Then I thought it was a drone, but then it started moving unnaturally.

A few minutes after that a few more spheres appeared, and after a while there were between 15 and 25 spheres in the sky that formed a circle in the sky and so they spun for a few minutes and then flew away again each to its side. They moved like a swarm of bees, incredibly fast, in my free estimation they were between 3 and 5 kilometers away and they were moving between 400 and 500 kilometers per hour. At that moment my girlfriend Maja was asleep and I went to romantically wake her up by starting to shake her and telling her to get up to go see this, but she said: “Nikola, leave me alone!” … Okay she didn’t say that, she said something a little uglier, but I can’t swear here, I have to be polite.

The whole event lasted about 45 minutes and then all the spheres disappeared as the sun started to rise.
You must be wondering if I have pictures that can prove this?

Well look, in theory I have, but in practice I don’t … because my phone has trouble taking pictures at night. The pictures look desperate and nothing can be seen. I have 2 pictures showing one of the spheres, but very bad so I won’t even put it there.

At one point I thought of calling the police and telling them: Hey guys, something is flying there, if you don’t know what it is, come on, please take it off the sky, I don’t need it yet, and aliens… I’m traumatized enough with a potential nuclear war. I’m kidding, of course.

Honestly no one has to believe me in what I have just written, I absolutely don’t care. I have 2 healthy eyes and I know what I saw.

And what was that? Well it’s open for discussion. I personally think they may have been aliens, but we’ll never find out. Realistically, 5:15 am is the perfect time for them to fly – most people are asleep, and those who are awake certainly don’t look at the sky so no one will see them… Okay, aliens can’t count on finding an idiot like me who will be awake and be the human airspace controller of the United Kingdom (btw this should be a real job).

Goodbye until next week, cheers!

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