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What is happening with humanity?

What is happening with humanity?

Hello everyone. Today I will deal with a slightly more serious topic.

Last week I talked about aliens and tried to give some of my theories about whether they exist and whether they visit us. Today we will talk about us, about humanity, about me, about you, dear reader – about all of us.

We are all witnessing ugly scenes currently coming from Eastern Europe, specifically from the state of Ukraine. I will not enter into any political debates because that is not the least bit important. People are dying in Ukraine, that’s the only thing that matters – someone’s sons, someone’s fathers, mothers, friends are dying in Ukraine… In Ukraine, the hope is dying that humanity has finally outgrown something as disgusting as war. The answer is unfortunately that it is clearly not. Humanity has not outgrown the concept of war.

Why? It is an eternal question about every war. Why did it start?

Obviously every war has its cause, its course and its consequences. It is the chronological order of the war. The consequences are always catastrophic, thousands of people die, many lose their loved ones…

The cause of the war is something I want to discuss a little with you. As I have already said, every war has its cause – that is, the sequence of events that leads to war.

In the end, one event happens, a drop that overflows the glass, a drop that starts a catastrophe. Why do people let that drop spill over a glass? Why do we resolve conflicts in the worst way, why do we resolve them in a way that ultimately cannot bring winners? There are no winners in the war, that’s what matters. Both sides lose.

Unfortunately, war is not something new. War and violence have always been a part of humanity, something that is woven into our genes, the desire that individuals have, the desire to do harm to another human being, to hurt them.

Mankind has experienced tremendous progress since World War II, the greatest war, a war that changed the world, a war after which nothing was the same. In 20 years, humanity had gone through two World Wars that together killed more than 100 million people. After that, people realised that war does not bring them anything good, that it destroys them.

The European Union was formed, the economic community of European countries. Things started to get better, at least in Europe. But the world continued with the wars. The wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan are just some of them, but generally at the time there was no story of a new great world conflict like World War II.

Today, 80 years after World War II, stories are circulating about a new world war, a third world war, a nuclear war. Nuclear energy is a fantastic idea that would bring benefits to hundreds of millions of people like cheaper electricity, but unfortunately nuclear energy has been turned into a weapon of mass destruction. A weapon with which we can exterminate every life in our blue paradise in space, a weapon with which we can destroy the Earth. A nuclear war would no doubt exterminate humanity. The Earth would be rebuilt, after a few hundred thousand or millions of years, but humans would no longer exist. Never.

We may end up wondering, why are we so self-destructive? Why do we want to destroy ourselves?

Like I said, after World War II, we started to evolve, our technology progressed incredibly fast. We went into space, we went to the moon, we sent our spacecraft to Mars, while Voyager 2 travels through space, our footprint, our spacecraft travels hundreds of billions of kilometres away from us.

We have touched the highest peaks of the world, gone to the deepest parts of the ocean. We have achieved all this despite the fact that we are still destroying each other.

Now imagine where you would be and what this world would look like if no war had ever happened?

Maybe they would cure all known diseases. Maybe they would not see children who suffer and die from cancer. Maybe no one would go to bed hungry at night. Maybe everyone would have at least primary education… We can only dream about such things because unfortunately, we do not live in such a perfect world.

We have mastered the act of killing, now we are mastering the joy of living.

I will quote one video from YouTube (The Lie We Live): “It’s not about saving the planet, the planet will be there with or without us. The Earth is here for 4.6 billion years. Each of us will be happy if we live to be 80.”

Live, enjoy life, take advantage of every moment, hug your loved ones, tell them you love them and most importantly: Leave a mark! Leave a trace of your existence, leave a trace that you once existed.

Live your life the way you want. Don’t hate anyone. Express your opinion, stand out from the crowd, lift your eyes from your smartphone or computer, look at the sky, walk through the woods. The world is a wonderful place if we make it that way.

Be the change you want to see! No normal person wants a war, we all have our dreams that we are trying to capture. It is these dreams that are what we call the meaning of life.

One day we will all die, it is simply a sequence of life. The year of birth and the year of death will be written on our tombstones, and the line between them is life. That is life! Let that line be exactly what you have always wanted!

And the war? There will be no wars if no one fights in them, remember that! May our prayers be with all those affected by the wars!

And humanity? Humanity can change, but not without us! We will be part of that change! Will this change be for the better or for the worse? It depends solely on us! Let’s make this world a better place!

This is my story, your story, our story! Thank you for attention!

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