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Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Although it is a day after Valentine’s once you read this, I couldn’t help but write one more Valentine’s-related blog (and probably another one next week. I mean, to be fair, February is the month of “love”). Therefore, as you probably saw from the title, there’s nothing more classic than a list of romantic date ideas for couples out there, because for some reason, when one person tries to think of something to do, it always boils down to indecisiveness. (Wow, really bold coming from someone who couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner. By someone, I mean me.) 

  1. Handwritten letters

Starting with my favourite thing in the world: handwritten letters. There’s just something so… romantic about it. It’s nostalgic, showing how one person cares about the other. Although I do agree, handwritten letters aren’t for everyone, you can always try. And if it fails, then it doesn’t have to be handwritten, it can be printed. And in fact, handwritten letters don’t need to be five pages long back-to-back. It can be as short as a note on a card.

2. Museum Date

I heard someone say that once someone asks you on a museum date, it is already a set up to an awful start, but I digress. Although I would argue that it differs for everyone, let me enlighten you as to why museum dates are just as good as the others. Museum dates allow you to talk, and this is especially good for first dates, as there are paintings and sculptures that allow you to delve into conversations, whether it’s sharing opinions or the history behind it.

3. Coffee Date

Of course, nothing can go wrong with a coffee date. It’s a classic. But if you aren’t a big fan of ‘classic’, you can always go for unique cafes such as cat cafes, or for more of a bluesy ambience, Cafe Artum. Or if you’re a fan of retro, you can always dine at Keuxties Diner.

4. Bouquet of Flowers and Chocolates

Just like handwritten letters, a bouquet of flowers and chocolates are classics. But if you’re intending on giving flowers on a first date, I suggest you should save them for the third date. I will personally feel weirded out on a first date, but if unsure, you can always ask your date.

My lesson learned for this is that the majority of the time, less is better. Again, this differs for each individual, but personally, I would be fine with a movie date and a Chinese take-away.

Once again, Happy Valentine’s and see you guys again next Tuesday! :}

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