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My favourite video games!

Hello again,

Today I’m going to talk about my 5 favourite video games. I hope there are some more video game fans out there and that you will, if you haven’t already, try out some of these games.


In fifth place is FIFA, a football simulation you’ve probably all heard of. As much as I lost my nerve due to a lot of glitches that this game has, I still love it very much and I spent a lot of time playing it. Playing the game is very simple, the controls can be learned in less than 10 minutes, but it is very difficult to become very good at this game and that is what makes it interesting.

4. SPYRO 2

In fourth place is Spyro 2, a game in which you follow the adventures of a little dragon in the various worlds you pass through. I played this game when I was 6 years old on PlayStation 1. A few years ago, a remastered edition of that game came out for PlayStation 4, and I bought it right away to at least briefly go back to my childhood.
Definitely a game I would recommend to anyone.


In third place is Call of Duty 4, one of the most popular games ever and a game played by every boy from Eastern Europe.

In the game, you follow the American Marines in the fight against the international terrorist “Makarov” whom you are trying to catch and kill. The game has a phenomenal story and I spent many hours on it. Of course, the multiplayer version of this game has become incredibly popular.


The silver medal goes into the hands of this masterpiece. This game is one of the best things that has happened in the 21st century.

A phenomenal video game with a brutally good story, great gameplay and incredibly advanced graphics for 2004.
I don’t even know how many thousands of hours I’ve spent on this art since the game, but I don’t regret a minute because I’ve gotten memories for a lifetime.

If someone lives under a rock and hasn’t heard of GTA San Andreas, the game follows a young GJ gangster trying to take over Los Santos.


And the gold medal for my favourite game goes to The Last of Us. A game I spent less hours with than GTA San Andreas, but I enjoyed the fantastic story even more.

The story follows Joel, who tries to bring the young girl Ellie to the other side of the United States 10 years after the world and civilisation have collapsed due to the zombie apocalypse.

The game has an incredibly good plot and I definitely recommend it to everyone.


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