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Reviewing Popular Food Places in London pt. 2

Reviewing Popular Food Places in London pt. 2

After a lovely holiday in India, I am back in London! I had some spare time before I started work again, hence I thought let’s meet up with my friend and review some more popular places in London.

London is filled with choices when it comes to food, and some areas have become quite popular due to their unique concept and also some by the power of social media. Therefore, it was time to go to some more new places I have heard about, seen or been recommended and give them a try…

Mercato Mayfair

Located just off Oxford Street, Mayfair, is a hip market with beautiful old stained glass with loads of eateries and food stands. The present market used to be a church that got reconstructed but kept all its features inside, making it a beautiful scenic view when you are in. It’s got plenty of options to choose from, like Neopolitan pizza, pasta, Malaysian food, Thai food and many more. I tried their gelato place called Badiani Gelato, a really lovely and exceptionally nice array of flavours. It’s also got bar space in there if you are looking for somewhere to drink. Overall a very nice place and definitely worth going if you are around the area.

Criss Cross Croissants

A new place that opened a couple of months back in Soho and has already gained quite a lot of popularity over social media. Criss Cross Croissants is a cafe dedicated to croissants with some really nice flavours (sweet and savoury!) and also very pretty to the eyes. I heard mixed reviews about this place, so I thought I had to give it a try myself, and I can surely say it is indeed a place I recommend as the croissants are delicious! They cater for everyone, and you would find a choice for everyone in there. It’s a charming cafe and quite nicely put (even the doorknob is croissant shape!). Definitely worth trying once if you like croissants.


I have been recommended this place by quite a few people, and I finally tried it. It is a pasta bar serving fresh, hand-rolled pasta with different delicious sauces. I have to say it is indeed quite popular as we had to wait in a virtual queue for more than an hour and a half to finally get a seat inside. First look at the menu, quite reasonable prices considering London standards with a good array of different pasta. Taste-wise, for me, it was an average experience, not something out of this world, but you get what you pay for and, in the end, get your money’s worth. Will I go back again? Maybe to try something different, but I’m definitely not in a rush to go again. If you really like pasta, do give it a try!

WatchHouse Cafe

Another one recommended to me by my chef friends and now one place I recommend to others. A really nice cafe with some fantastic coffee (strong ones if you like it like me). It’s got a few different outlets around London, some of them also serve some great brunch menus, and others have a range of delicious sandwiches and pastries. Definitely recommend this if you are looking for a cafe to hang out with friends or even to do some work!

That’s all the places I have got this week to review. Hopefully, it gives you some recommendations for when you are in London. As I always say in these blogs, these are all my personal experience – maybe what I like, you might not, and what I wasn’t a fan of, you might really love it. I do these as I love food, and going to new places excites me!

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