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Health and Weather Change!

Health and Weather Change!

Well, it’s slowly the start of the winter season in the UK, and the weather is gradually changing. Weather change is always crucial as it affects your health and brings in some sicknesses like cold, fever and regular flu. This week I thought I would share some tips to help you keep healthy during weather changes and keep you healthy all year long…

Stay Hydrated!

Drinking enough water is always the first key to keeping you healthy. Your body needs to be properly hydrated to fight any germs or bacteria, hence you should drink enough water. As most of us know, on average for a standard human body, a minimum of 2 litres is needed, and could be more or less depending on the body. I always try and keep a bottle of water in my bag every time I leave home, or a bottle near my bed if it’s my off day, so that I don’t forget to drink water. You could also set alarms to remind yourself to drink water, and nowadays, there are certain apps you can download to remind yourself too! Since it’s cold season, I know it’s challenging to drink water, but it is essential to do so. If you like, have warm water, which is even more effective to keep your body healthier.

Dress Accordingly

One thing I have learned while living in the UK is the weather is unpredictable, hence dressing accordingly is really essential. I have got in the habit of checking the weather before I leave home to go out, helping me decide what to wear and taking an extra layer of clothing with me if I plan to come home late as it gets a bit chilly at night. With us going into winter, covering yourself is essential as the cold can affect your health real bad. The perfect clothing at this time of the year for me would be a long sleeve shirt/t-shirts, jeans/joggers, beanie, a hoodie and shoes.

Taking care of your diet

Eating a healthy diet helps your body run smoothly and gives it the energy needed to survive any weather or changes. We need to keep in mind what we eat, not just to lose weight but also to have a balanced meal that helps fight sickness or any bacteria which can affect the body. Also, while planning your diet, some foods need to be incorporated or removed according to weather. We all know how our body or metabolism could react to it – for example, eating ice cream or cold stuff in minus weather wouldn’t be very ideal. Therefore, take care of your diet.


To keep your body active and healthy, an adequate amount of rest is needed as it strengthens your immune system. An average human body needs around almost 8 hours of sleep to feel well-rested. I know, sometimes your job doesn’t allow it; mine doesn’t either, but I try to catch up and rest my body as much as I can on my day off. And if you are not able to sleep properly at night and can take short naps during the day, do it, as sometimes naps can be way more effective than a good night’s sleep.

That’s all I have for you for this week’s blog, and hopefully, some of these tips will help you avoid being sick during weather changes. It’s almost Christmas time, so stay healthy and enjoy the festivities rather than spending days in bed because of being sick.

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