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My go-to places for Asian Foods in Birmingham!

My go-to places for Asian Foods in Birmingham!

Do you like Asian food? Or are you from Asia and missing the food from back home? You are at the right place!
Today, I will share some of my favourite places to go when I am craving Asian food.
When talking about Asian food, the first place we all think about is probably the Chinese Quarter…


• Ken Ho Restaurant

Albany House, 41-43 Hurst St, Birmingham B5 4BJ

This is one of my favourite restaurants to go to for Cantonese cuisines. The restaurant is my perfect place for ‘Yum Cha’ in Birmingham, their authentic dim sum – makes me feel like I want to go back home to Hong Kong.

Steamed custard buns, char sui puff, and stir fry rice noodles are always my go-for. Their menu provides a wide variety of dishes as well, if you prefer something else than dim sum, I would recommend Cantonese barbeque.


• Mount Fuji Restaurant

Spiceal St, Birmingham B5 4BH

This Japanese Restaurant is nearthe Bull Ring and provides a range of Japanese foods from gyoza and sashimi to bento, ramen and sushi. It is located in the city centre, so it’s very convenient. I love their ramen and gyoza, they are a perfect match. FUN fact: the restaurant is also named after Japan’s tallest peak ‘Fiji san’, the word ‘san’ meaning ‘mountain’.


• Shogun Sushi Bar & Teppan-Yaki

The Cube, Level 7, Wharfside Street, Birmingham, B1 1RN

If you are going for a night out and want something special, Shogun may be one of your options. They offer sushi bar and Teppanyaki, which provides a gastronomic experience. The sushi all-you-can-eat (buffet) is served on a conveyor belt, with a wide range of foods to choose from. Teppanyaki means ‘cooking on a hot plate’. Their highly-skilled chefs will prepare the food in front of you, with all the arts and demonstrations.


There are still many other good places to have Asian food in Birmingham, and it’s impossible to mention all of them. What’s your favourite place to eat out? Please be sure to let me know.

See you next week!

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