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My Travelling Tips!

My Travelling Tips!

A few weeks ago I wrote about travelling during Covid times as I am finally in India after two long years. Travelling for me, especially internationally, has always been a continuous learning process and putting that learning into my next trip. We all should keep in mind so many things while travelling as it can help you a lot in the whole duration of your trip, so I thought I’d share some travelling tips with you all if you are planning to fly somewhere anytime soon…

Plan your itinerary

Planning your trip is essential as it gives you an idea of what you are going to do and helps you pack or carry stuff with you accordingly. I know some people don’t like the idea of planning ahead and just wanna see as it comes but, without plans, it affects your overall trip as you might regret not going to somewhere you get to know later on, plus doing it at the last moment can also be costlier as you might not get good deals. So planning and doing your research is essential.

Pack light

This is really important, especially if you travel a lot internationally like me. Every airline while booking your tickets gives you a weight limit for your check-in bags. I always try to keep it as light as possible, at least 5 kg less than the weight limit, as I know I would bring more stuff back with me if I am going back home or will go shopping if I am at a new place. Your bag weight will always be more when you come back from the trip than going there, so pack light and just what is necessary and vital as a precautionary measure.

Keep a copy of all the documents

Right now, you don’t just need your passport to travel but a negative PCR test, your vaccination status and maybe a few more documents depending on the country you are travelling to. Some airlines and countries are also particular about carrying physical copies of all the documents needed. So always bring a physical copy of all the documents you need on a trip and soft copies on your devices or on your email to avoid any problems. Having copies of all documents, even your passport, in some cases prevents all the delays and issues while at the airport. It could also be avoided with all the bookings you have done for your holiday while checking in at the hotel or at the activity place, which require a confirmation number you got with your bookings, as you have a copy of them somewhere else if you lose one just in case.

Online check-in

All airlines nowadays give you the option of checking in before arriving at the airport on their websites. You can check in for your flight from around 48 hours before your travel. Online check-in is always handy as it allows me to quickly hand in my baggage at the counter at the airport and, in most cases, gives me the option of choosing the seat of my liking on the flight. Check-in early can also help you avoid big queues at the check-in counter, as many airports have a separate line to keep the pace faster at the airport.

Check the weather

Always check the weather of the country or place you are travelling to, helping you pack accordingly and avoid piling up for ‘just in case’ scenarios.

Arrive at the airport early

Every airline starts their check-in 4 hours before the flight. Try and arrive as early as possible to avoid queues at the airport and security. This also gives you more time in the duty-free to browse around or just relax and stretch your body before you sit on the plane. Arriving early can also help prevent problems, like something going wrong with your documents while checking in or huge queues at security. Always good to be cautious and think ahead of time. Better to be safe than sorry!

That’s all the tips I have got for you this week, so hopefully they help you all somehow. Travelling might be changing due to Covid, but the fun and excitement of the trip still remain the same. Keep all the necessary stuff in mind if you are planning to travel anytime soon. 🙂

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