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Spooktacular things to do this Halloween!

Spooktacular things to do this Halloween!


With the spooky season approaching, here are some spooktacular things you can do this Halloween 2021:

  1. Watch a horror movie

There’s nothing more classic than watching a horror movie, whether it’s with a friend or family. You think it’s kind of boring watching a movie at home? Well, worry no more! There are many ways you can watch a movie! 

You can set up tents in your back garden and play the movie through a projector, though be sure to make your seats comfortable. Even better if you have bean bags or stuffed sleeping bags that you can lay on to be cosier, and of course, make sure to keep yourself warm! Wear those long trousers and a warm jumper because it’s better to view this at night! 

Another way to watch a horror movie is at drive-thrus. You can search if there are any local movie drive-thrus in your area. It’s a different setting and definitely not in the comfort of your own home, which makes the experience more thrilling! 

Lastly, the good ol’ cinemas! There’s nothing more fun than going to the cinema with your friends to watch a horror movie. Imagine the unexpected jumpscares on the big screen!

  1. Host a midnight tea party

Who said you couldn’t be cheesy and cliché on Halloween? 

You can host a midnight tea party with your friends and family. Brewing teas as if you’re brewing potions on a cauldron, or baking finger-shaped cakes to make it spookier. And once you’re settled, you can serve the delicacies on dark coloured silverwares —  it adds to the atmosphere. 

And while you’re at it, you can play a game where you can share horrific stories and make them guess whether it’s fiction or not. 

  1. Host a murder-mystery dinner 

How fun is it to eat at a dining table that is murder mystery-themed? 

After dinner, you can grab a mystery kit for you and your friends to engage in. (Make sure to leave some time for the food to digest if you don’t want it sprawled on your carpeted floor.) There are multiple mystery kits you can find on Google without having to spend a penny. 

Or you can plan a reenactment with your family and friends. Send an invitation with what role they’re going to have and what the scenario is going to be, who is going to be murdered and who is going to be the murderer. It could be anyone, including the host. Then as dinner commences, so does the plot. Remember, the more the merrier! 

  1. Go out and have some fun! 

Whether it’s a spooky themed club or an immersive horror amusement park, you should invite your friends over for a spooky night out. 

For instance, there are available tickets in London where you can go to a horror VR, or you can go on a Jack the Ripper tour through Whitechapel. If you’re not a fan of interactive horror activities, you can go through escape rooms. It’s already thrilling enough, being stuck in a room and trying to figure your way out with just using clues. 

Either way, I hope you found this list helpful. Whether you’re going out to cinemas or watching a movie at home, whether you’re spending it alone or not… Just remember to have fun and be safe! 

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