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Tips on Eating Healthier

Tips on Eating Healthier

Last week, I wrote a blog about winter blues, and eating well is one of the good ways to maintain both your mental and physical health. Today, I’m going to share some tips on how you can eat healthier by changing some small things in your diet.

1. Swap high sugar cereal with wholegrain

I know, I know. Sweetened cereal is nice and I used to like sugar-coated cereal as well. However, a bowl of sugar-coated cereal can contain a high amount of added sugar. Try to swap it to wholegrain, porridge, unsweetened cereal. If you want something sweet for your breakfast, try fresh fruits, which only contain natural sugar and count towards your 5 a day.

2. White bread to brown bread

I’m sure we all have bread often, from plain loaf to bagels, sandwiches… Try to use whole grain or seeded bread in your meals. Brown bread or seeded bread is rich in fibre and other nutrients compared with white bread. Our fibre intake should be 30g a day as part of a healthy balanced diet, according to the NHS. Therefore, besides having fresh fruits as I mentioned, having more whole grain products is another way to increase our intake.

3. Swap cream-based dishes with a vegetable-based sauce

Pasta! We all like pasta. Have you ever thought of changing a cream-based sauce such as carbonara to perhaps a tomato-based one? Cream has a high amount of fat content, while vegetable or tomato-based sauce could possibly count towards your 5 a day as well!

4. Snacks

Crisps, sweets, nuts, popcorn and all the other snacks are pleasant to eat. However, they are usually high in salt/sugar/fat. Try to have less if possible, or swap your snacks with foods like fresh fruits, unsalted nuts, low-fat yoghurts or rice cakes.

5. Drinks

First thing: please reduce your intake of fizzy/sugary drinks if you like to drink them a lot. They are high in sugar and you can consume a lot of sugar without even noticing. Try drinks such as 100% fruit juice, water or tea (with no sugar).

Do you have any recipes or tips to share on how we can eat healthier? Please remember to share with us!

See you next week.

Hoi Yan

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