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My Go-to Places Inside University!

My Go-to Places Inside University!

After a long wait, the University has reopened with a full bang with face-to-face teaching – definitely for good, as I missed going to university in my final year. Nevertheless, even though I am not in university anymore, I thought I would share some of my go-to places for first-year and continuing students who might be looking for places to study or just hang out with their friends…..

8th Floor Cafe, Summer Row

My best go-to place in the University was the 8th-floor cafe. From group meetings for assignments or solo study (as I really can’t focus in the library) to just hanging out with friends in the middle of the classes, and of course for the coffee! I spent a lot of time in there as it was just a nice place to go and focus and sit. Considering we had late classes till 8-9pm due to kitchen schedules, it was just best to go and relax there on the couches. Another favourite thing of mine was their cookies which I still remember were some of the best cookies I had and I missed them so much during the lockdown. Last but not least, their outdoor area had a good view of Birmingham too.

McIntyre House open space near Cafe

The next spot in the University that was ideal for me was the open space outside the cafe in McIntyre House, with some of the comfiest and fun rolling chairs. Some days, when I used to spend all day in McIntyre House due to continuous classes, during breaks my friends and I just used to grab a coffee and sit around in that area chilling out. In addition, those chairs are big enough to just have your music on, grab your laptop to isolate yourself and just work on your assignments. Warning: don’t get too comfortable either, as you might just miss your classes, lol.

IT Space

The IT Hub or space has now moved to Camden House, but when I was there, they had a centre in Summer Row too, which was ideal. It is still a very suitable space for people who want to work on computers, don’t have access to laptops or don’t want to carry their personal gadgets to university. This place was most helpful to go and print stuff as sometimes it was required for personal or university use. The print credits you get every year come in real handy, so you don’t have to worry about buying your printer or finding a copy and print shop!

Moss House Dining Room

I didn’t get to spend much time in Moss House as the year it was completed and was in use a month later, lockdown happened. Still, I did get to go and eat in the new Dining Room there, and it is a good space for anyone to go and grab a quick bite to eat, and you can’t say no, especially if there are wood-fired pizzas. I wish I had got more time to go in there, but you all still do, so make most out of it.

UCB Spa and Gym, Richmond House

I was a gym freak back in the day, not so much now, but the gym in Richmond House was my go-to place to get a gym session in. The trainers were always very helpful, and the gym was fully equipped with everything you wanted. University College Birmingham also has spa facilities such as sauna, steam room and jacuzzi after your session to relax. Suppose you are also looking for a place to get a haircut, colour or any other stuff. In that case, University College Birmingham has their own salon run by students with very affordable prices and very professional and friendly students and lecturers working there. That was my go-to place for haircuts, and I always got the best services you can get.

Well there you go. If you are looking for some places to explore inside the University, especially if you are new, you have got some here to start with. I always find my own spaces to work, chill and hang out. Maybe some of them here can become your go-to too, or you find new ones. All the campuses have got plenty of areas there to be explored.

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