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Travelling after the pandemic!

Travelling after the pandemic!

After almost 2 years, I finally got to travel again and visit my family back in India! Before the Covid pandemic happened, travelling was as simple as book your flights, pack your bags, check-in and fly. But now, in the post-pandemic world, travelling has become very different, where all the things mentioned are still included in the list, but you’ve gotta prep and work on more things before you even think of travelling back again. Here is what I have to do before I travel back next week…

Booking Your Tickets

The booking system remains the same, and you could do it from the comfort of your home online and even through your agent, whatever you prefer. But the flights to most places are still limited, so you have to be really proactive while booking. I luckily booked my flights well in advance, so I got them for a reasonable price and my choice of date, so if you are planning to travel, get your plans ready well in advance.

Looking into Travelling Restrictions

As we all know, the UK has a colour list with different rules and regulations which need to be followed while flying to or from the UK. Not just the UK, but every country has their own travelling restrictions, including India as well. Hence, no matter how well you plan your trip, you need to keep all rules and regulations in mind, and the rules countrywise could also change very rapidly depending on the government and situation, so for the most part, you are on the edge of your seat until you get to travel!

Covid Vaccine Passport

Luckily before I travel, I am fully vaccinated, making a few rules and regulations of travelling easy for me. You also need to remember that you need to be fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks before you travel to be considered fully vaccinated. You need to have proof of vaccination provided by the government to travel to avoid complications at the airport.

Getting a PCR Test

Before you travel, most countries require you to do a PCR test which gives you a fit to fly certificate and a negative Covid test, ensuring you haven’t got the virus before you travel. It is also worth mentioning this PCR test needs to be paid for and could be an added expense to your travel itinerary, so keep that in mind. This needs to be done within 72 hours of your travelling time, showing you all fit, healthy, and ready to fly!

Time to Fly!

After all the planning and hustle, you can finally go back to your regular routine, which is pack your bags, check-in, board and fly – and yeah, don’t forget your masks!

Travelling is not the same anymore, but the thought of being able to do it again makes it worthwhile, no matter how many added steps are in the process. I am just happy I can see my family, visit my home country for a while, and enjoy some well-earned time off.

Some India blogs coming soon, so keep reading every week 🙂

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