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Foods Ideal For Meal Prep

Foods Ideal For Meal Prep

You asked, and you shall receive! My co-blogger Hoi wrote about the benefits of meal prepping and how it can be helpful in the long run. In continuation of that, I thought I’d share some foods which are ideal for meal prep, easy to make, and you can enjoy whenever you want…


There are so many ways you can prep and keep chicken in the fridge for your meal prep. My ideal version would be a spiced baked chicken, which is simply marinated chicken with whatever spices you like (mine are usually ginger, garlic, yoghurt, smoked paprika, chilli powder, coriander and garam masala), leave it for few hours and then just pop it in the oven or pan-fry it. With marinated chicken, you could prep it by just marinating and cooking it just before a meal or cook it and store it for three days, then reheat it just before dinner or lunch. If you are cooking well in advance, the best cut of chicken for meal prep would be chicken thigh or chicken leg as they retain moisture and don’t go dry like chicken breast.

Pasta/Pasta Sauces

The most versatile food item, in my opinion, and the best one when it comes to meal prep. There are so many ways you can cook pasta well in advance and store it in your fridge. The first one which comes to my mind is bolognese as it’s easier to cook in big batches and can also be frozen to increase shelf-life. If you want to challenge yourself even harder, you could make your fresh pasta like tortellini or ravioli and freeze them in advance, and all you need to do is cook them in boiling water for a few seconds, and you have a fresh meal ready for your dinner. Cooking pasta sauces is really easy while meal prepping and they have a longer shelf life. You could also save more time by cooking pasta, but make sure to finish it within three days as the taste wouldn’t be ideal.


Yet another versatile food and my favourite one to meal prep: lentils. I remember I shared a recipe of tadka dal to try at home and still would suggest making it. The best thing about lentils is after making them, they still keep extracting flavour from the spices when sitting in the fridge for longer, so for me, lentils always taste better a day after as they have got time to emulsify with all the flavours you put in. So if you don’t mind lentils, definitely give them a try for your meal prep containers.

Green Veg

Green vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, peas and cabbage can simply be steamed, baked or pan-fried and be stored in containers to go as a side dish with your meals. Some recipes I would suggest are pan-fried asparagus with some fresh herbs, salt and pepper, oven-baked broccoli with garlic powder, salt, paprika and pepper.

Overnight Oats

If you looking for something to prep for breakfast apart from fruits and bread, overnight oats could be an ideal option. All you need to do is add toppings of your choice, set them in containers and keep them refrigerated for every morning of the week to have it before work, university or even on your day off. They would be an ideal meal to start off your day!

So here are some of my suggestions to try if you get into meal-prep. They are not too expensive, easy to prep and could also be modified according to one’s own taste. Hopefully it helps you anyway if you are looking for ideas! 🙂

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