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Urie Diaries: A Week In My Life

Urie Diaries: A Week In My Life

I have always enjoyed watching ‘day in a life’ videos on YouTube, and then I thought, what difference does it make if it’s written down instead? I’m sure most of you would enjoy reading this as much as you would in a video format. Therefore, I welcome you to ‘Urie Diaries’, where I give insight into what an average student does in a day. This blog talks about my week. 

On the week of 27 September, it was my induction day. Initially, I was nervous because it had been so long since I set foot in a teaching establishment. I was fortunate enough to go to campus during my first year, but it was immediately cut off during Christmas, and I had to do most of my lectures and seminars through online delivery. I woke up as early as 7am – I don’t know if it’s my body clock or the nerves, but either way, I was up early for my induction day. I had a relaxing morning before my induction which was at 1pm. I was able to do my skincare correctly and pick out an outfit of choice. 

As the clock struck noon, I stepped out of the flat and thus began the journey to campus. Usually, the walk takes 15 minutes until I reach the campus, but it took me 20 minutes because I wanted a stroll rather than fast-walking like I often do. Still, I arrived 40 minutes earlier than the discussed time. Internally embarrassed, I decided to stay in one of the hang-out spots in Moss House – you see it instantly as soon as you enter the building. 

While waiting, the nerves started to strike again, but it all vanished as soon as I saw familiar faces. A smile plastered across my lips, concealed by the mask over my face. I was relieved. The induction was excellent. Want my honest opinion? It felt longer than one hour, but I was still glad that I went because I was enlightened with even the minor pieces of information such as who to contact for this and that, so and so. After the induction, my friends decided to hang around and catch up as the rain poured outside. Once the rain settled, we parted ways. I had to walk to the centre to pick up a prescription at Boots, and after that, I received a notification that my parcel had been delivered. ‘Ah, this day couldn’t get any better!’ I remember telling myself. I instantly trekked my way back to my place, excited to collect the item. 

It was a Fjällräven Kånken backpack. I’ve always wanted one, and I finally got one! Once I had settled back in my flat, I did some writing and loosened up watching Netflix. It went on for the rest of the night. 

Tuesday, however, wasn’t as productive as Monday. I woke up late and spent most of my time lying in bed and doing almost nothing. Notably, the highlight of this day was me going to the gym. I believe that was the only productive thing I have done, other than cooking myself fried rice for brunch. 

Wednesday was another productive day. It was WelcomeFest! It went from 10am until 3pm, but of course, I had to be earlier than that. While waiting for the event to start, I lounged around the study spots and luckily, this time, I brought something to entertain myself with: a book and a laptop. It wasn’t long until I had to put away my things, mingle with other people, and see what activities they had. Alas, it started to get too crowded and feel a wee bit out of place as I decided to come by myself. As I was about to leave, a club caught my attention: volleyball. Now, as a person who hadn’t done sports in almost four years, I surprised myself by joining a club for a sport that I haven’t done nor have any idea how to play. Regardless, I’m excited to learn! 

Thursday, regrettably just like Tuesday, wasn’t as eventful as the other two days. I booked for a Kitty Cafe –  a cat cafe located in Grand Central. However, I had to cancel due to the rainy weather, plus I had to finish writing a couple of blogs (and my debut novella!). ‘You could’ve done your writing while you were in the cafe! Many people do that these days,’ some of my friends had said, but I think they forget that it isn’t just a typical cafe, it’s a cat cafe and knowing myself, I know I wouldn’t get any work done if I decided to go. 

I would include Friday, but sadly, I have a due date to catch up on and wouldn’t be able to document what will happen on this day. But just to let you, my lovely readers, in on something: it’s a volleyball practice, and I’m in a state of nerves… however, I’m still excited! 

To conclude, I hope you enjoyed reading the little insights about my days and my life! See you again next week! 

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