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I Graduated!

I Graduated!

Four years later, I can’t believe the day finally came, and I graduated! One of the most surreal moments in any student’s life. It’s weird to think that four years before I was flying, all nervous about coming to the UK, unpacking in the halls, wondering how life was going to be and now it has all come to an end.

Its been a journey full of ups and downs, involving one of the most challenging years everyone had to face, but in the end, everything was worth it. The feeling and vibes of the day itself are so positive with all students dressed in their gowns and hat, waiting for their names to be called and the final walk on the stage, which gives you the one absolute sense of accomplishment that – this is it! We finally made it.

As I walked the stage, my four years of university just flashed right in front of my eyes. All I could think was how it started to how it is now in the end, from being a timid, closed introverted student to a confident, more open and independent person; the difference is life-changing, and it’s all because of my university journey.

On the day, it’s not just me; seeing all the other students with their big smiles all proud of their achievements and journeys is always great to see; that day will always be unique and memorable for each and every student graduating and will be one happy memory.

Through this post, at last, I would also like to thank the university, as everyone here who has been part of these four years has been so supportive. Before I started, I was very skeptical and nervous. But, once being here and experiencing the support which has helped me a lot along the way, and I am really grateful!

It is still weird to think that university is officially over for me, but the memories stay intact, but life never stops; one chapter closes, and another one starts! In the end, I would like to say congratulations to each and every student graduating this year and all the best for the future.

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