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A Day in Camden Market!

A Day in Camden Market!

Since I have moved to London, I have been trying to explore new places or areas I haven’t been to before on my off days when I don’t feel tired. Last week, I decided to revisit a place I have been to a couple of times but try new things and review them. I went to Camden Market – one of the most popular markets in London, always packed with options and people – and to be honest, seeing it for the first time from a different point of view did open a few new options for me whenever I go there next…

Hot Pot

I was craving something Chinese for my main meal, and the first place I saw was Hot Pot. You are given many options, with an option of the base to be either noodles or rice and then three toppings. It was a really nice array of foods from chicken, beef and vegetarian options, very flavourful and definitely very affordable. They have two sizes available, regular (for £7) and large (for £10), I went for a regular size, and honestly, the portion size is big enough to fill you up for the rest of the day. If you are craving something Chinese, definitely check it out if you are in Camden.

And don’t worry, this is not the only option there; the whole alley where this shop was is filled with different Chinese and Asian-inspired food, so you won’t be disappointed. I was starving, so I just went with the first available option I saw. So do explore your options if you are not keen on their menu, but for me it was decent.

Chin Chin Ice Cream

Not just in Camden, but this ice cream place is located all around the UK, and I have heard a lot about it, hence why I decided to try it for the first time. I had the vegan cookie dough with Valrhona chocolate ice cream. The USP of the place is their ice cream, which they make in front of you using liquid nitrogen quite a unique and cool concept. But was it worth the hype it has around it?

In my opinion, yes and no. Don’t get me wrong, the ice cream and the cookie dough was really nice, full of flavour, nice shiny and smooth ice cream and very aesthetically pleasing. But for me, it was really sickly sweet. There wasn’t much balance of flavour because, after few bites, all the flavours just get combined together, making you feel you are eating pure sugar and very sickly. If you are a massive sweet tooth, this place is definitely for you, but it definitely wasn’t for me as someone who is not a sweet tooth and likes a balance of sweetness with their desserts. I have tried it once, and it was decent. Will I be rushing to go back? Not anytime soon. So I would say it’s definitely worth trying it once.


Honestly, every time I have been to Camden, I always cross this place and thought it was some kind of bar as most times they have security outside checking ID, but I was pleasantly surprised going in this time that it’s a clothing store. Looking into it more later, I found out it’s a famous clothing brand, so my lack of knowledge in fashion clearly shined through with this one. But would say it’s quite cool to be in there with all the neon clothing, funky music, festival clothing and accessories. It definitely isn’t a place for me as I am not into that, but it was definitely worth exploring once, and I can see why people who are into this kind of stuff would like that. You all should definitely check it out if you are there maybe you would be as surprised as I was!

Primrose Hill

After being stuffed to the brim and exploring Camden, my friends and I decided to have a short walk to digest all the food we had and go to Primrose Hill just to sit and relax. I have seen it being recommended so many times and on other people’s Instagram stories, but for me, it was my first time there. Honestly, the view is so lovely where you can just see the whole skyline of London. A good place to have a picnic with your friends on a nice sunny day or just go there by yourself to sit, relax and admire the view. I would definitely suggest you going if you like nature and skyline scenery.

That was my day in London exploring the Camden Market with a newly keen eye, trying new places and ending it with nice pleasant scenery at Primrose Hill. Maybe doesn’t sound very exciting to some, but trying new things and places always gives me a new perspective, and being outside when I work long hours in the kitchen is definitely the relaxation I need. If you are in or nearby Camden, do try and give these places a go.

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