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Getting Back to Study Mode!

Getting Back to Study Mode!

After months of online learning and summer break, the new academic year is finally approaching! With most teaching coming back to normal, we should start making small changes to get ourselves back to the ‘study mode’.

During the summer, I’m sure that we all tend to do things to get our brains out of the academic part – movies, gatherings, travel… anything that is non-academic related.

With the new academic year soon to start, here are some suggestions on how you can get yourself back to the study mode:

• Start with some reading

Check your reading list and perhaps start reading one or two. This is a good way to familiarise yourself with all the topics and academic terms you will learn, reminding your brain to get back to the academic way of thinking.

• Music/Podcasts

I know some of us focus better when we are listening to music/podcasts. It is often a good way to start a day with something that helps you to get your mindset ready. There’s some focus/study music online, or TEDTalk / TED-ed are also some of my favourites. Sometimes you may even find some useful references that are related to your assignment!

• Be organised

Being organised is critical during your whole university life. For example, some of us may work part-time and along with full-time study, it can be hard to balance. Therefore, you’ll need a plan to ensure your time is spent meaningfully. Try some old school ways – plan yourself a timetable, or a To-Do List every morning, knowing what you need to complete by the end of the day.

• Eat Well

When we get busy, we tend to go for unhealthy foods as we have little time to cook. However, having a balanced, nutritious diet can actually influence your academic performance because they help you to learn and focus better. Having healthier meals also means that it is likely that you have fewer absences.

See you next week!

Hoi Yan

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