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My Experience of the Covid Vaccine

My Experience of the Covid Vaccine

Last month I got my second jab for the covid vaccine, and I am happy to say I am fully vaccinated! Like many others, I was a bit scared or nervous to get the vaccine but looking into it more myself and doing my own research, there was nothing to be scared about. I thought this week I would share my experience of getting the vaccine and how I felt.

Booking an Appointment

Booking an appointment for the vaccine is really easy. You either go to the NHS website and book it at a vaccine centre or contact your GP and book one once you are eligible to do so. Since I was moving to London when I got the text that I am eligible to get the vaccine, I booked mine in a vaccine centre, and it takes less than 5 minutes to fill out the details, select a date and time and you are sorted. Here is a link if you are planning to book one.

Vaccine Centre

When I arrived at the centre for both of my appointments, everything was really organised and systematic. You are greeted by someone outside, they ask you your name, sign you in, you wait in the waiting room with a big screen in front of you telling you how many people are in front of you and when your turn comes, it just tells you which booth to go to. The people I got when getting the vaccine were really nice. They ask you some general questions, a bit about your medical history, make you aware of all the symptoms you can get after the vaccine, and once you are happy, they get everything ready and give you your vaccine.

First Jab

The process of getting the jab is quick and actually pain-free, I didn’t even realise when the lady was done until she said it herself, and I actually thought she was lying, but she wasn’t. So I didn’t feel a thing. They asked me to wait for 15 minutes in the waiting area just as a precautionary measure and then I was out and about going on with my day. After getting my vaccine, I was out all day exploring London and honestly didn’t feel a thing apart from my arm getting a bit sore as the hours passed by, and it just kept on getting a bit more painful, but not something which wasn’t bearable. For me, it felt more like your muscle aching a bit after a first session in the gym. Regarding other symptoms, I didn’t get any, and the pain went off within 48 hours, as they suggest.

Second Jab

Due to not getting any symptoms the first time, I thought the second one would be somewhat similar. The process of getting the jab was still the same quick and pain-free, and then waiting 15 minutes before I was allowed to leave. But this time, I experienced more symptoms than just an aching arm. I didn’t feel anything for the first 8 hours, but then my arm started to hurt a bit with also having a headache. I was at work that day since I didn’t think much about it.

At night it started to get a little bit worse, with me having a fever, a headache and a sore arm. Lucky for me, I was off the next day as I felt really weak all day with all the common symptoms you are made aware of. There was nothing which I was surprised about. But after resting all day, it slowly got better, and things went back to normal. Not the most pleasant 24 hours, but also not something to be scared about. All you need after your jab is some nice rest, and then you are all set to continue everything as normal, so make sure of that.

To all wondering, I got the Pfizer vaccine. My experience of getting the vaccine was not bad at all, and I was happy about everything from booking the vaccine to getting it, especially given how horrible some people make it sound. Always trust your instincts and not what people say.

As for me, I would suggest everyone gets vaccinated as it gives you immunity against the virus and will help you protect yourself and everyone near you. People have put loads of research and months into developing a vaccine. All the research has been provided to the general public, with every symptom being informed and made clear. It’s just one more step closer to normality, and we all should be part of it. Yeah, you don’t feel 100 per cent, but it’s just for a day or two, just like getting any other viral you get, hence be a responsible citizen and take a wise decision.

Whatever your decision may be, I wish everyone to be safe and healthy 🙂

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