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New Academic Year!

New Academic Year!

Hello fellow new and all returning students, the new academic year is soon to start, are you ready?

In today’s blog, I think it might be a good idea to share some advice with you all on how you can get on with the new academic year, especially new students.

First of all, welcome! Welcome to the UCB’s family!

Join uni activities and societies

Now is the perfect time for you to meet new people and get to know the place! Check out all the activities and societies we have and make sure to join a couple if you’re interested! Also, I’m sure you will be able to meet many new people, and perhaps your lifelong friends too! In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to help you familiarise yourself with the environment.

Don’t be shy and just say hi to everyone and please feel free to ask if you have any questions! I believe that all the staff and students are happy to help!

Explore Birmingham

Make sure you go walk around Birmingham, especially if you are new to Birmingham, for example, if you’re an international student. There are so many things you can do in the city centre, and everything it’s just within walking distance. You’ll definitely find something you like – museums, galleries, shopping, restaurants, cinema, Cannon Hill Park, the canals … just too many to mention.

• Plan Your Time Here

No matter if you are doing a college course, degree or masters, make sure you get the most out of your time!

There are loads of stuff you can do during your time here, make a list of what you want to achieve in the coming year(s). For examples:

  • Get good grades
  • Find a part-time job
  • Volunteer
  • Travel / Go on a day trip
  • Do a placement / Internship
  • Become a society committee
  • Being a member of the university sports team
  • Run the student union…

See you next week!

Hoi Yan

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