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Message to First Years!

Message to First Years!

We have entered the month of September, which means that the University will be back on for continuing students on their courses and first-year students will be commencing their fist year. This week I thought I would write a personal message for the first years commencing this year to boost their morale and maybe help remove some of the nerves.

First off, congratulations if you are reading this; you have successfully entered the world of higher education. For some, you would have been dreaming of this day to go to university and pursue your dream careers. This time of your life is going to be filled with many firsts.

I know with new experiences come new worries and anxieties regarding unfamiliar surroundings, new cities, new country, new cultures, and for some, not even being sure if it’s still the right choice. It could be really overwhelming, and I have been there, but honestly, this is really normal. Do not be afraid, as don’t forget one thing, like you many other first-year students feel the same and have similar questions like you. Questions like – Will I fit in? Am I going to make friends? Is this the right choice for me? Should I rethink my choices? And many more. But trust me, I might not have answers to all the questions you have; but one thing I can assure you is that things will work out as they are supposed to. Just like you, I and many others students have been there, and the experiences are life-changing.

Entering university/college is the first step to adulthood, where you will be living more independently and on your own terms. The decisions from now, you would be making will be your own. In short, you will be independent, which also comes with great responsibilities and all the consequences you would have to face will be on your own. But that’s what the learning curve at university is all about; you try and learn and become stronger for the future.

While there are plenty of students at the university, there would be some you might make a strong connection with and hang out on a daily basis, which is really important; it is very easy to isolate yourself from everyone, making every experience harder than it already is, so keep an open mind and try and come out your comfort zone. You definitely will find some people with the same interests, hobbies, and craziness as you and find friends for life; trust me, I did; therefore, I can say everything works out.

The last thing, don’t forget your goal and purpose for why you are there. With all the excitement and nervousness its easy to drift off from your aims and objectives and get carried away; be active in classes, take notes, work with your lecturers, complete your assignments on time and study well for your exams. Have fun but not to the extent that it can cause trouble later.

That’s enough of me rambling; I wish everyone commencing university all the best and also best wishes to each continuing student too, work hard, stay focused and have fun!

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