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Places to visit in India – Part 2!

Places to visit in India – Part 2!

A couple of weeks back, I shared a little travel guide for places to visit in India when you plan a trip. If you thought the list ended, you were wrong as there are still so many beautiful places to go to which I didn’t get a chance to talk about. Hence, I am writing another to add to the ongoing list…


If you are looking to explore the cosmopolitan side of India, Mumbai is the place for you. The fashion capital of our country, home to many well-known Bollywood stars and an experience of typical busy city life. You also wouldn’t run out of food choices, as you will find a combination of food places from street food markets to dining in some really nice 5-star restaurants or gourmet restaurants – they’ve got it all. Go shopping in big stores or street markets, stroll around Marine Drive in the evening or get a picture in front of the gateway of India. There is plenty to do, but surely you wouldn’t have enough time.


Many people love their beach holidays. India is not just full of big cities or holy places, it has some amazing beaches in Goa for beach lovers, stretching the golden sand alongside the Arabian Sea. If you wanna have a backpacking trip or stay in a beachside resort, Goa’s got you covered. You won’t be missing on your beachside tan while in India if that’s what you want, but if it’s just a tan you’re looking for, India’s hot climate has got you covered anywhere you are in the country. 😛


A place where I haven’t had the chance to go myself but surely would sometime in future. But it doesn’t keep it off my list due to the beautiful scenery this place has to offer. You could enjoy staying in the houseboats while there, taking in some of the best scenery in India, with some really amazing Indian cuisine to enjoy too. It would be like a breath of fresh air after travelling to big cities like Delhi and Mumbai – just time away from all the chaos while having a relaxing few days.


The first planned city of India is situated in the foothills of the Shivalik mountain range of the Himalayas. The city was designed by Swiss-French modern architect Le Corbusier and if you are really into architecture, the city should definitely be on your go-to list. This city is also famous for its clean roads and greenery with safe nightlife and maintained parks and gardens. Places like Sukhna Lake rose garden, rock garden and leisure valley in Chandigarh will definitely offer you a memorable getaway from your day-to-day hectic life.


One of my best holidays has been in Nainital with my family, away in the hill station with little to no phone connectivity taking in the nature. Nainital is a paradise for nature lovers. The best part about the place is its hilly surroundings and lake. Going up the altitude where you experience thick foils of nature is a perfect getaway to just sit and relax and take in the scenery surrounding you. If you are not a fan of the warm weather in other cities in India, this is a perfect place for you to visit as you would also find yourself surrounded by snow if you are lucky.

As I said last time, the list could go on and on, but places to visit won’t end. Still, I think for anyone’s first trip, the places I have suggested should give you a good idea where you would like to go. I promise wherever you go, it would definitely bring you closer to our culture and our hospitality because, in our culture, we believe “अतिथि देवो भवः” which in English translates to “Guest is equivalent to our god”.

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