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Keeping up with your mental health!

Keeping up with your mental health!

Everyone in today’s world lives a pretty busy lifestyle and often ignores a key factor needed to run our busy lifestyles: our health. Whether physical or mental, taking care of your health is very important. Granted, taking care of your physical health during your off days by resting often works, but mental health is still often ignored. Keeping up with your mental health is really important as, if ignored, it can affect you in so many different ways, affecting your whole lifestyle and daily work. So in today’s blog, I will be sharing some tips which I follow to keep up with my mental health…

Have your alone time!

With an everyday busy lifestyle, you must take time out and focus on yourself. Your me-time is really important as it helps you focus and evaluate what you need to do to keep yourself going and healthy. My way of having me-time is to grab a coffee and go for a walk. Just being myself and with my thoughts helps me figure out my future plans, decisions I need to make, and what is best for me. Taking time out just for yourself at least once a week is necessary as it will help you a lot.

Do something you love

Working every day, especially as adults, we often forget about our passions and the things we love. Try and bring that back to your routine and work on things which help rejuvenate you, be it exercise, reading a book, playing games, arts and crafts, DIY… the list goes on. Taking a break and doing something you like often gives you the burst of adrenaline you were looking for to keep you going. I know work is important but thinking about it all the time isn’t. Plus we all deserve an off day at least once a week.

Talk about it!

I know it’s not easy, but if you think your mental health is not in the right state, talk about it because sometimes just expressing your feelings helps you a lot and is just the initiation for you to plan out what further you need to do to help yourself. Talking about it does not only mean going to the professionals, sometimes just sharing how you feel with people you are close to and who understand you can help too. You never know, maybe they have been struggling with something similar and couldn’t talk about it and you expressing yourself gives them the confidence to talk to you too!

Eat well!

Your body requires a mix of different vitamins and minerals to keep going, and eating healthy and well has a great effect on your mental health too. If you eat well, you also feel well. Look after your diet and plan it accordingly – you are the best judge to know what your body requires and what it doesn’t. Also, eating well does not mean being very strict with yourself – everyone deserves a cheat day and a cheeky takeaway. Looking after your eating habits does not mean completely ignoring everything you love, it’s always all about having the right balance.

I am by no means a professional to give you advice. I’m just here sharing something I try to follow to keep myself going. Mental health is very important and very easy to ignore, but it’s the small things you can do to help yourself. No one understands you better than yourself. Others might not know if you are not feeling good, but you definitely do, hence instead of avoiding or ignoring it, try and work on it. 🙂

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