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Life After University!

Life After University!

All 2021 graduates, including myself, got our final results. First, I would like to congratulate all of them as we all were able to achieve our goals despite the tough year everyone had to face, so well done!

One thing I am aware many graduates wonder after finishing university is what’s next? What is going to be my next step? And so on and so forth. I did too as up to the age of 21, all I have done is be a student and study till this point, but that part well for many is over. So I thought I would share some insights or tips on what there is to do next once university is finished…

Have a break!

The first thing I would suggest, which I should have done but I didn’t, is a short break. It is crucial to clear your mind before you jump on to the next step, otherwise jumping from one thing to another will have a toll on your body physically and mentally very soon. Be it for a week, a month or months, everyone is different. Take your time, especially if you are not sure what to do. I guess in my case, I already knew what I wanted to do hence I just went straight into it, but for some, it could be a mistake so make a decision wisely.

Look for Jobs

We all studied a course in a certain field of our choice, so start looking to finally step into the industry you been studying for. Look for all the opportunities you have available for jobs and take it from there. Make up a list of types of positions you want to work in, companies, the city you want to go to. Note down everything you have in your mind and then narrow it down to make final decisions, and then the world is your oyster. Also, don’t forget to update your CV.

Start Saving Up!

I am sure most of you already have, but for those who haven’t started yet, it’s the right time to start saving up. Student life is over, and you’ve gotta start planning things for your future, and saving up will take you a long way. I am sure many of us have really big plans on what to do after university, which also comes up with financial needs, and saving up helps a lot. I have been saving while I was still studying and believe those savings have helped me a lot right now because you would soon know everything comes with a price (monetary in this case!)

Postgraduate study

For some students, if you feel you are not done studying, postgraduate study is always an option and in many courses having a postgraduate degree helps a lot with your career. It can help you enhance your skills and knowledge to a deeper level and perhaps even open some new doors which you didn’t think were possible before. University College Birmingham itself provides some brilliant postgraduate options so why not go and have a look at what you can expect from different courses you might be looking at. Here is a link to save you some time.

Keep in touch with your friends!

Not everything after university is career-related; you’ve got a life to enjoy too. Everyone has met some good friends during your course, and I am sure we have spent a lot of time together every day during classes, after classes and outside the University. I know I have as I lived with them for the last two years, and not going to lie, it’s a bit weird not seeing them every day now, as I’m sure is the case for many of you.

But not seeing each other every day doesn’t mean that’s it. Always keep in touch. We live in a time of social media so there aren’t any excuses, especially with the number of apps we’ve got to stay connected within today’s world. Message them, have a call once in a while, meet up on your days off from work or whenever you are free. The time and friendship you had meant something for everyone, so you surely don’t want to lose them even though you are not in university anymore.

Life after university can be unpredictable. You never know what can happen, but you’ve gotta keep moving on. I am sure there is always something for you to do, and whatever it is will always be in your best interest. It’s time to make new memories and start a new chapter, and I wish everyone good luck! 🙂

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