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My Bucket List!

My Bucket List!

I am an adrenaline junkie, which I think I have mentioned once or twice in my blogs. I love adventure and everything that makes my heart pump faster. I thought this week I would share few things on my bucket list, and perhaps it might interest some of you guys to add to yours as well, and it might give you a bit more insight into my life…

Sky Diving

This is on the top of my list, and I’m hoping I get to do it soon: sky diving. I have always found it fascinating and can only imagine the rush of adrenaline it could provide to someone. I know it also sounds terrifying for some and is not everyone’s cup of tea. You never know, I might be a bit scared too when I’ve actually gotta do it, but I am willing to take the risk as just thinking about it always excited me, so surely when I get to do it I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Bungee Jumping

Yet another risky one and definitely not for weak hearts, and even though I wanna do it, perhaps I’m a bit more scared to try this one than skydiving. No matter how brave you are, surely, as you watch yourself nearing the ground, it will definitely get your heart pumping, but yet again, I am all for it.

Wipeout Obstacle Course (Netherlands)

I loved watching Wipeout as a kid and still do. Whenever I watched it, all I had in my mind was I want to try it one day. To my surprise, while surfing the internet one day, I found out there is an actual Wipeout course you can do in the Netherlands and experience what it would be like. Let me tell you, when I got to know about it, I couldn’t contain my excitement and straight away added it to my bucket list because doing this would definitely be one of my childhood dreams come true! If you feel that’s something for you too, have a look for yourself on their website.

The actual Image of the course in Netherlands

Travel to all the Disneyland parks in the world

I am a huge Disney fanatic and have also had the opportunity to go to two of their six parks in the world. But it doesn’t end there; my bucket list consists of every Disney park there is because I love amusement parks and Disney, so both combined is basically me becoming a child for the day. If some of you are wondering where all these six parks are, they are in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, California and Florida. If you are in any way like me, I am sure this should be part of your bucket list too!

These are the four main ones I thought I would share, and as I said, it’s definitely for an adrenaline junkie. Activities like these always excite me and give me the serotonin I need to keep on going. I have been trying to constantly tick off things on my bucket list and hopefully get to do all of them pretty soon!. Life is too short; enjoy it whenever you can. 😉

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