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Reviewing Popular Food Places in London!

Reviewing Popular Food Places in London!

London city is flooded with different places to eat, and many popular places keep popping up on my social media every now and then. Since I moved to London last week and had a day or two to spare before starting work, I thought this would be the perfect time for me to explore some of those popular places and review if they are worth the hype. All the places I mention are unique in their own way and have a lot to offer. The review is based on my personal experience, which might differ from others…


A trendy Korean hot dog place that has blown up on the internet in the past couple of months, so I had to go and try it. It’s in Chinatown and is a nice small, cosy little shop serving various flavours of Korean hot dogs (vegetarian, meat, halal). Korean hot dogs are basically fried breaded mozzarella cheese or sausage or a combination of both, and that’s all you really get. The hot dogs are decent-sized with a nice flavour, but I feel it’s more for the aesthetic than for taste. I have visited it once and am in no rush to go and visit again, so if you want something to put on social media, this place may be for you, but the tastes aren’t going to blow you away.

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

Another place that has been very popular on social media recently but has been around for quite a while. It’s a Filipino ice cream parlour in Chinatown serving unique Asian flavoured desserts, from ice cream in a cone to drinks and their most popular item: fried ice cream sandwiches. If you like trying something new, I would suggest going here if you are in London. I tried the Ube ice cream sandwich and was quite surprised as I don’t have a big sweet tooth, but the combination of hot and cold with a very subtle sweetness makes it a pleasurable food to eat.

Pizza Union

A popular pizza bar in London with many branches across the city serving fire-baked Roman style thin-crust pizzas. If you are looking for a cheap and affordable place to eat in London, this is for you – very reasonable prices with decent options available. Is it the best pizza in town? No, but not bad either. The pizzas are flavourful, and you get your money’s worth if you decide to go there. If you are roaming around in London and need a quick bite to eat, give it a try.


A new popular place in London which I was waiting to go to. It was all worth the wait and definitely worth the hype. ‘EATALY’ – a fusion of the words ‘Eat’ and ‘Italy’ – brings the traditions and culture of Italian gastronomy to London. It’s a place to eat, to shop, to drink, you name it, and has something for everyone’s needs and wants. I honestly got lost with the choices they had to offer, from cured meats to pasta, Italian desserts, breads… the list could just go on and on. If you are near Liverpool Street, definitely pop in, you won’t be disappointed. I highly suggest this place.

Borough Market

Last stop of the day, Borough Market is one of the popular food markets in London and is already known by many, offering a range of options from fresh produce to baked goods and many other food/drink items. I’ve been here twice and always been overwhelmed with options, but at the same time it’s not worth the hype which is around it. It has loads to offer and is definitely worth a visit, but I’ve been to many other food markets in London, and this definitely doesn’t come top for me.

These are all the places I had the time to visit during my first couple of days and it’s only a small fraction of what London really has to offer. I will definitely be going to even more new places and continue building my go-to/favourites list during my time here.

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