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Tips on Moving!

Tips on Moving!

For the past week, I have been busy packing all my stuff ready to move to my new place, and I forgot how tiring it is. In the past four years of university, I have moved 3 times, and it can be a tiring process if not planned through because rushing it always will end in disaster. I thought I would share some tips regarding moving as that’s all I have been doing right now…

Give yourself sufficient time

Don’t leave packing to the last minute. It is a tiring process, one requiring enough time to be done well in advance, because you’ll be surprised to see how much stuff you have accumulated unintentionally that has been ignored and dumped in the back of your cupboards or drawers. Start at least two weeks before your moving date, giving you enough time to not rush into things.

Do your bookings well in advance

For moving, if you require to book movers or a ‘man with van’ service, ensure it’s done at least a week before. June and July are students’ moving times. Due to restrictions slowly being lifted, people are going back to work or finally relocating wherever necessary, hence services like these get booked quickly. If you want your chosen date and times, booking in advance will give you the liberty to do so.

Organise your stuff

As mentioned above, once you start packing, you’ll realise how much stuff – be it clothes, shoes, games, kitchen stuff etc. – you have accumulated (especially during lockdown when you are bored, I am guilty of that too). Therefore, you must start organising everything together and not just stuff random things wherever you find space. Have an estimate of how many boxes, suitcases or bags you own or need and then organise the stuff accordingly in the bags. It will also help make your unpacking easier. Keep all the stuff that might come in the same category together, like all kitchen stuff together, clothes together in suitcases, shoes, and so on, so then you know where it needs to be unpacked.

Keep your everyday essentials with you

Some everyday essentials can only be packed a night before or the morning of moving, and will also be needed as soon as you reach your new place. So carry all of them in your rucksack or in a bag with you as other stuff can also be packed a day later, but the essentials can be put into place as soon as you there, so it’s not an inconvenience later on.

Don’t pay for boxes

Moving can obviously require some boxes and if you don’t have any, as a student if you want to save money, don’t buy them. You could get some free boxes off Facebook Marketplace – just type in ‘boxes’. Most of the time, you’ll find someone giving them out for free, such as from your local grocery store as they get a lot of them with deliveries and they are usually put in the bin. If you go and ask nicely, most of the time they will give them to you. If you work part-time, maybe ask your managers because most places get boxes in some shape or form. You might be paying for other stuff but if you wanna save some money somewhere, try this.

It’s a short one this week but that’s all the tips I can think of off the top of my head. They surely did help me moving, and if you are moving around this summer or in near future, hopefully you will get a bit of guidance on what you could do or expect. 🙂

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