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Things I learned at university!

Things I learned at university!

I’m writing this blog after my last exam with a bittersweet feeling that my university life is coming to an end and that my new chapter in life is about to start. University has been a great experience and surely hasn’t been less than a rollercoaster with loads of ups and downs, with also facing the toughest year of everyone’s life due to this global pandemic. No matter how the journey has been, it has surely taught me a lot in this past four years that I would never forget and thought I would share with everyone…


Coming to a different country to study was a huge step I had to take and wasn’t easy to start with, as I had no idea what to expect and how I would cope on my own. Hence, the first thing I learned being here was how to be independent. Being here living on my own gave me a sense of self-reliance and with time, all the nervousness and thoughts vanished. Four years later I’m thinking how it started and how’s it going on right now, and wondering why I was that scared in the first place.

Stepping out your comfort zone

I have mentioned in my previous blogs about me being an introvert, but that didn’t stop me from stepping out of my comfort zone as I took this opportunity as a ‘now or never’ situation. You never know the outcome until you do it, and it might be scary at first, but nothing in life comes easy. I have changed a lot as a person in these years – my family and friends can vouch for that as every year or every step I took was out of my comfort zone, and I don’t regret any of it as it helped me grow. I started university by covering myself in an enclosed bubble, not knowing what would happen. It is when I realised all opportunities lie outside that bubble, I had to break out and grasp for them. It’s not easy for everyone I know, but you have got a lot to gain and nothing to lose if you try it.

Time Management

This for me is important in general life and also throughout my course and career. Our lecturers would have mentioned this to us like 1,000 times during our course as time management is necessary when in the kitchen and as a general student. Granted, I have taken this work lightly a lot of the time (generally in life, not in the kitchen), but that’s where the learning comes from. Time management is really important for exams, assignments or chores because you always regret it once it’s gone. A balance is always necessary and will vary from student to student, so you gotta learn what works best for you.


I have never been bad with budgeting, but it applies more when you are living independently. I have definitely learned how to budget properly for once I start working myself. It has helped me keep the right balance of enjoying uni life and not reaching the point of regret of spending all my money when it’s not necessary. If you would like to know more about how to budget, read my previous blog on the subject.


When I say referencing has been one of the hardest challenges I had to face during university, I am not lying. It has always been a student’s nightmare and perhaps continues to be. I am happy to say I have got very decent with referencing before reaching the end of my course and even happier that I wouldn’t have to do it again. It might be difficult, but once you get the hang of it and do it repeatedly, you get used to it. Had to add this one because it is an achievement on its own.

There are so many other things I have learned in these four years and perhaps will make a part two of sharing them with you, because my time in university might come to an end but I’ve still got a couple of months of blogging to keep me attached to the university.

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