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Things To Do In Summer!

Things To Do In Summer!

It finally started feeling like summer in the UK with the sun shining brightly for a couple of weeks, and I am glad I don’t need to carry my hoodie and umbrella everywhere anymore. So, with lockdown also easing and everyone out and about, I thought I would share some activities one can do or plan with friends, family or even by yourself if you wish to while still being safe…

Camping Trips

Enjoy the wildlife while camping by being away from everyday busy city life and relax with your family or friends. The thought of camping always gets me excited as it reminds me of my summer holidays in school, where we used to go on camping trips organised by our schools. Pitching tents, hiking in forests and rock climbing all just sounds like a perfect getaway and a fun time.

Road Trips

Everyone has been deprived of a holiday due to the pandemic, and travelling country to country still needs precautions. With many people planning on having staycations within the UK, an idea for a road trip just sounds like a cherry on top. Plan out a road trip to nearby cities and locations you have been wanting to go to for a while and go explore new places. Since my childhood, road trips with the family have been a big part of many holidays for me, and it also provides extra bonding time.

Zipline Adventures

One of the things I have wanted to try and been on my bucket list for so long is a zipline adventure, and since my friend has told me about Go Ape in the UK, I can’t wait to plan a trip soon when I get time. Fun activities like these always give me a rush of adrenaline, and there is no better time to do them than in the summer.

BBQ and Garden Get Together

I know not everyone is still comfortable going out and about as they want to be safe. That doesn’t mean they are missing out on the fun. One can do loads of things at home during summer, with BBQ being a staple UK household activity anyways. Plan a get together in your garden, perhaps organise some games, maybe a cinema. Get your friends and family’s ideas, put them together and then everyone would have something they could enjoy.

Hiking Trips

I know it might be too hot to walk for some, but hiking is fun if you find a nice place. If you live in Birmingham, might I suggest looking into going to Lickey Hills, a beautiful open space perfect for a hike or even a picnic if you like. Hiking gets you the everyday exercise one needs and also lets you enjoy the sun while you are out and about.

With lockdown lifting and getting some normality back, get your list out of things that you have been planning to do while being in lockdown – summer is the best time to do them. There are loads of activities one can do, the ones mentioned are just a few of them off the top of my head. Maybe I will suggest some more in future blogs as it’s just the start of the summer!

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