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Part-time Job Tips!

Part-time Job Tips!

Having a part-time job while studying in university is a survival option for many students here in the UK. With everything opening back up, students would be going back or looking for part-time jobs to support their finances. Therefore I thought this week I’ll share some part-time job tips and things to keep in mind while juggling work and studies…

Narrow down your options

Birmingham is a student hub with many part-time jobs available in different sectors, including hospitality and retail. Hence, while finding a part-time job, narrow down your options to what sector you would like to work in, as it will help you find more suitable options and job options you desire. Some students like me work part-time to also gain experience for the same industry in which we are going to work in future, hence I had a clear aim of what kind of part-time job I wanted to look for and searched accordingly, helping me look for clear options and find the desired job of my choice.

A good CV always helps!

When applying for any jobs, the first thing the employer checks is your CV or resume making their first impression of you. So, make sure you take your time while making your CV and put in your best effort, clearly setting out all the information one should know about you in terms of previous job experience (if any), education, extra-curricular activities and achievements, etc. There are many templates and tools online or on MSWord that you could use to help make your CV stand out among many others.

Use hired@UCB!

One advantage every student at University College Birmingham has is the hired@UCB service which can also help you find a part-time job while studying here at the University. Everyone in hired@UCB is there to help you if you need it and can also help you write your CV. They have also got all information and help one can need on your Portal with job search options to find yourself a job. So, if you need assistance, do seek their support and services.

Prepare Well for the Interview

Make sure you present yourself well for the interview and play the part well. Most interviews for part-time jobs might be informal, but one thing all employers look for is your suitability for the role. Prepare yourself before the interview and make yourself well versed about the job role you applied for and about the organisation. Before going for an interview, I try to find out as much information about the organisation as I can, be it on their website or on their social media, as employers are always impressed when they see you have done your research and that you are confident to take on the job you applied for. The more effort you put in, the better result you get is what I have learned from my experience.

Have a healthy work and study balance

For most students, working part-time while studying is important as you gotta pay your bills, but working while studying can at times turn out to be really tedious, hence a healthy balance is necessary. Try and maintain a balance between work and university by giving yourself enough time for both, as though work might be important, you have deadlines for assignments and exams that need to be taken care of as well. Set out a time management plan with everything including your days of work, timetable of your classes and hours you are gonna study or do your assignments in, and try and stick to the routine. Keeping a balance would prevent you from piling up everything for the last minute and having to pull full-nighters two days before the deadline. Work might be important, but so is the University as you signed up for it.

Hope some of these tips might help you as some of them definitely helped me…. 🙂

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