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Advice for Students – Finding Work!

Advice for Students – Finding Work!

Having a part-time job while studying is always a good idea. First, of course, we can earn some extra money to spend or support your daily expenses. Also, you can get to learn more transferable skills such as communication, problem-solving, multitasking, leadership, and teamwork, skills which will all be valuable and advantageous for future employment. Moreover, you will be able to meet people from different backgrounds, expanding your knowledge and social circle.

There are different ways to get work experience, and below are a couple of platforms where you can look for jobs.

• Unitemps

Unitemps is a student recruitment agency with a platform for students to apply for jobs within the university (or in the local area). UCB offers a variety of temporary or permeant job opportunities, for example, student accommodation staff, student ambassador, front of house … There are many positions for students to utilise their talent and develop skills. If you don’t have much experience, then I would suggest that this is a good place to start with. To apply, you will need to register with Unitemps. For more information, please click here, and contact Unitemps, and they will be able to provide you with more detailed information.


• Indeed

Indeed is another online platform where you can find jobs in the UK. You can search for the position you’re interested, the location you want to work, the job type (full-time, part-time etc.), the company … There are many vacancies available to apply for, simply just create an account, click apply, fill in your information, upload your CV and wait for good news!


• Placement / Internship

When looking for an opportunity to gain work experience, sometimes a placement or an internship is a good choice. Placements or internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in the industry; you may look for them on the careers page on the company’s website. However, I would say most of the placements or internships are unpaid. You might feel disappointed with that, but I think it’s an excellent way to gain experience and develop for your future career.


• Hired @ UCB

Hired @ UCB is the career service at UCB; not only can they help with writing your CV and cover letters, but they will also support you with finding work experience/placements. There is also a ‘Job Search’ section on the hired connect page to find jobs advertised there.


• Contact the companies proactively

Even though some companies may not have the opportunities advertised, they might still be constantly recruiting and willing to provide you with an opportunity if you’re the right candidate. So do contact them with your CV and cover letter, especially if you have a particular company you wish to work for.


• LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online platform mainly used for networking, as well as for employers to post their jobs, look for candidates and for job seekers (you) to find jobs. You can connect with people on LinkedIn to develop your professional network, start with your friends, family, or uni. LinkedIn is also a great platform to show off your work/skills. Not only can you upload your CV, but you can also display any pictures, past projects/work (which you can’t really put on a normal CV) you’ve done to show off the skills you have!

(*However, please keep in mind that LinkedIn is not like other social media such Instagram or Snapchat. LinkedIn is a more formal platform for business, so please be aware of what you post and say.)


Good luck with developing your career!

See you next week~

Hoi Yan

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