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Last Stretch to Dissertation!

Last Stretch to Dissertation!

All final year students (October Starters) have been working on their dissertations for the past 7 months, and the submission date is almost near! It is a very important piece of work for any student, and from my own experience, not an easy one either; it takes a lot of input with lots and lots of research. Since everyone is on the last leg of completing the dissertation, I’ll share some final tips and tricks that may help before the deadline.

Thorough Proof-Reading

Kind of an obvious one but a very important one too; make sure to proofread each and every section thoroughly and in detail as sometimes while writing you can make mistakes, at least I do; I am only human. Some sections of your dissertation would have been written months back; a final proofread would give you a refresher of what you wrote, and if at that time you skipped some mistakes or errors you made they can be rectified now. I have been tackling each section separately and reading them again and again to ensure no mistakes are left unnoticed, the sentences are grammatically correct, and all paragraphs have a nice flow to them. I know it could be a tedious reading it all back again, but we all know it is necessary.


This is one of the most helpful tools I have found and helps you a lot while proofreading or even when you are writing. If English isn’t your first language or you have doubts about your sentence formation and grammar, this tool can help you a lot. I have used it throughout writing my dissertation, and it did help me a lot from time to time, and i will use it again for my final proofread. Our university has very kindly provided all the student’s premium access to Grammarly, so why not make the most out of it. Just sign in with your student email, and you are good to go. If you still haven’t used it, I would highly suggest you use it; click on this link to make an account.

Take supervisors comments on board

We all were asked to send a final draft to our supervisors a month before the actual submission for feedback. Take all the feedback received from your supervisor on board and apply it to your dissertation as since they are the first marker, they will surely look if you have made the changes or not. Plus, they are there to help you and want your work to look presentable and of high standards, helping you get a good grade, so don’t ignore the comments. There could be a case of not understanding what they meant in their feedback; you still have time to have a meeting with them and clear it up.

CASE and Subject Librarians 

If you are not sure about formatting or referencing, you still have time to book an appointment with CASE or the subject librarian and clear all your doubts. They are always there to help you, plus there are guides available on CANVAS to look through as well, but if you still don’t understand, seek help when needed.

Ensure all Aims & Objectives are Fulfilled

During your final proofread ensure all the aims and objectives you set at the start are fulfilled. Sometimes with a dissertation being a very big research document, it can lead you to write about many different topics related to your aim. Therefore, ensure all those topics cover the objectives you set, or perhaps if you find some information you didn’t think you would have needed in the start but now it is important, tweak the objectives a bit to match with the rest of your research project. Changing aims and objectives is a very normal occurrence as you continue writing and even your supervisors are aware of it happening, so ensure the research correlates to the set aims and objectives.

A dissertation is a very important part of graduation. We all have worked really hard; I wish everyone the best of luck to every final year student writing their dissertation and success in the future! 🙂

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