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Places to go in Birmingham!

Places to go in Birmingham!

I have lived in Birmingham for three years now for my course and have visited many places for recreational purpose, to pass the time and to hang out with friends. In a certain span of time, you are bound to have some favourite places you visit and here are some of mine which I would suggest you all should try and go to…

Medicine Bakery

One of the best bakeries in the city, right in the city centre! With an array of fresh baked goods, savoury and sweet which will make your mouth water. I have been there a couple of times and found something new every time. The food is high in quality (their English breakfast was amazing!) and has something for everyone’s taste and preference; from vegan food to gluten-free, they cater for all. They are still open in lockdown for takeaway on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays; I would suggest going as soon as they open, as they do run out quickly. Go grab a sourdough loaf for your sandwiches, and why not try a cronut, too, while you are there.

Early Birds Bakery

Another great bakery in Birmingham I have tried pastries from and was amazed by the taste and the portion size! Its located in Kings Heath and they have a range of delicious patisserie items; their pain au chocolate is to die for. If you are worried about it being far away, they currently have home deliveries in place if you order from their website and are open only on Friday and Saturday. Start your weekend off with fresh baked goods after a week-long of university or work.


One of the best wood-fired oven pizzas I have ever had! High in quality and taste with friendly staff and a relaxed  environment. My friend and I were looking for a place to eat and stumble upon rudy’s in the centre, and I am glad we did as it was just amazing. It’s an open kitchen, so you can see the chef making your pizza fresh, and you can taste the freshness of ingredients they use as they are full of flavour. If you love pizza as much as I do, I would recommend visiting this pizzeria as you wouldn’t regret it. They are on Deliveroo, too, if you fancy a pizza night at home.

Digbeth Dining Club

I just got a chance to visit this once in my first year but loved the options available and the many different vendors to choose from. It caters for all dietary requirements and is located as the name suggests in Digbeth. They also have a click and collect service available at the moment on their website, so you could skim through all the options available depending on the date and can visit once they open back up.

Ghetto Golf

Since talking about the Digbeth area, ghetto golf is another awesome place to go if you like mini-golf. It has a nice ambiance, with a bar for drinks and food, a perfect place to go with friends and have a mini-golf competition. You will surely love this place if you like graffiti. I would suggest to book in advance as this place could be busy, and they have special offers for students and a complimentary drink included with the game.

Escape Hunt

I love escape rooms/games, and this place was just what me and my friends wanted, to have some fun together. A fun escape room, friendly staff, and many different game options to choose from. It gets your brain cells running with a rush of adrenaline, too, as you race through time to solve puzzles and riddles. If you are looking for something to do with your friends or family after lockdown, give this place a try.

Soho Road

If you wanna have a glimpse of Indian culture, Soho road is a place for you. It feels like a small Indian community outside India with temples, gurudwaras everywhere, and many Indian families. The only place I was also able to find some good authentic Indian food, and being there reminds me of back home. A place I would suggest if you are looking for some really nice Indian food to try at a very affordable price and a view of Indian culture, especially during festival times.

I hope this small guide will help you explore some new places you yet haven’t discovered……. 🙂

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