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How to not Procrastinate!

How to not Procrastinate!

With the commencement of semester-2, all students are back engaging with the given modules, assignments, and assessments to complete this semester. With most classes still being online and most people still locked inside the house, procrastinating about work and not engaging with classes is very easy to do. Most students having a mindset to listen to recordings later in the day or say, ‘ I will start the assignment a bit later as I have got plenty of time,’ which eventually can lead to leaving it to the last minute and panic starts to kick in. Here are some tips I follow to not procrastinate with uni work and get my work done on time…..

Have a suitable working space

Your working environment plays a vital role while studying as it determines your focus level. Make sure to work on a study space that helps you keep your focus, very likely on a proper desk and chair, and no, your bed is not a suitable space as it makes you lazier. Evaluate which place in your house helps with your working schedule, be it your desk, dining table, front room, and if not at home, the library is still open (for people in Birmingham, that is).

Keep everything that distracts you away from your place of study.

When you feel like not working, there are so many things that can easily distract you and take your focus away from your work; for me, it’s my phone. If I have my phone with me on my desk, I would constantly have an urge to check on my social media or browse through the internet. Therefore, I make sure I put my phone away and away from my reach and eyesight so that I don’t have an urge to grab it, but it’s also at a place where I still can hear it if I get an important call. So keep things away which easily distracts you; if you can’t see it, it won’t disturb you.

Stop being hard on yourself.

Sometimes if we are behind, we start blaming ourselves and overthinking it; why did we not do it then, and I will never be able to complete it. The more you keep thinking about past moments, the more stressed and worried you’ll get, eventually leading to more procrastination. Sometimes you can’t avoid things, so take a break in those moments, but now think about your future self and not the past and get yourself working. Utilize the time you’ve got, not the time that has passed. 🙂

Listen to Calm Music

Listening to some calm music while working helps you focus. Usually, when I work, I have some piano music playing in the background. Music helps keep other noises away that can distract you and set a calm and soothing environment around you, which, at least for me, keeps me more attentive while working. Don’t try rock or metal music as it will just do the opposite; we need to try and work, not have a party.

Set yourself a target and perhaps an incentive.

Divide the work into sections that need doing, and then set yourself a target to complete one section of work in this given time. It makes it easier to understand what you need to do first to continue, and setting a deadline helps you not want to procrastinate. If only setting a target doesn’t work for you, give yourself an incentive to treat yourself once you have reached your target, as perhaps looking forward to something might help you get working faster and better. Yeah, I know it’s basically bribing yourself but whatever gets the work done is all acceptable.

Everyone is not the same and will have a different approach to things than the rest; maybe these tricks might work for some, and for some, they might not, but not procrastinating will definitely help your future self, and you shouldn’t have to rush. So take your time and eventually complete your work as your future self will thank you later. I know times are tough, and sometimes you can’t help procrastinating, which is okay. Therefore at the beginning, give yourself enough time that if on some days you feel low and unmotivated, once you recover, you don’t have to beat yourself up for the time you lost. Stay positive and hope for a better future.



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