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Tips To Prevent Tired Eyes

Tips To Prevent Tired Eyes

In recent days, particularly after the pandemic started, we are using electronics more than ever before. Whether you are learning online or working from home, we could be staring at our laptops and phones all day long.

Our eyes will easily get tired from the intense use of digital devices. You may encounter symptoms like fatigue, dry eyes, itchiness, blurry vision, and headaches, which defiantly won’t feel good. Today, I would like to share some tips on how to keep our eyes healthier.


• Give your eyes a rest 

Staring at the screen for a long time could lead to intense muscle strain. Relaxing our eye muscles is critical, set a timer to remind yourself to take a rest. Besides that, having a good night’s sleep would also help. There’s also the ‘20-20-20 Rule’, which suggested that every 20 minutes, we should look at something at least 20ft away (about six metres), for 20 seconds.


• Blink

Most of the time, when we’ve got dry eyes it’s because we are so focused on the screens that we forgot to blink. Blinking is much more important than you might think. Blinking not only washes the surface of our eyes with tear fluid, cleaning the dust and dirt away, it also keeps our eyes moist. Without the moisture, our eyes would become dry and may cause blurry vision. So blink more when you remember and close your eyes completely when you’re taking a rest.



• The right distance between you and your screen

Ideally, it is suggested that you and your screen should be about one arm’s length, around 40 to 75 cm from your face. It can be tricky because a lot of the time, we will naturally get closer and closer to the screen without noticing. A chair and table with proper heights and distance would help. If you are using laptops, it may also be useful to use an external keyboard so your body can be a bit further away from the screen. Moreover, repositioning your workspace/computer would also be a good idea. Set your computer near the window so that you can have a look outside whenever you want.


• Bigger text and correct brightness

Finally, adjusting your font size to a larger one could help you avoid needing to stick your face close to the screen. Besides, your screen shouldn’t be too bright or dark and please do not work in dark rooms. Our eyes are very sensitive to light, staring at bright light could cause damage. Check if you have turned on the auto-brightness adjust function on your devices, and always keep your room nice and bright when using electronic devices.


See you next week~

Hoi Yan

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