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Dealing with Homesickness!

Dealing with Homesickness!

As an international student, being away from home and family is probably the hardest part while studying overseas. This can make us homesick from time to time, especially right now with the ongoing pandemic and lockdown. Many of us haven’t been able to go home due to the closure of borders and to keep everyone safe; therefore the feeling of homesickness is normal, but it can affect our day-to-day life and mood. Here are some ways of dealing with homesickness…

Take your time 

Sometimes all you need is a bit of time by yourself to get away from the feeling of being homesick. Have a day to yourself, chill out and try let go of your feelings you’ve got building up thinking about home, family, and friends. Also keep in mind they wouldn’t like seeing you like this either and would want you to be happy wherever you are.


This is one of the methods I follow the most as every time I start feeling homesick, I cook my favorite Indian dishes to lift up my mood. Thinking of all the happy memories I have back home, food is always a great way to keep you connected back home and to your country. Cooking for me is always very therapeutic and helps me calm myself no matter how I am feeling at that time. I know everyone is not a big fan of cooking or knows how to cook, it’s okay perhaps order your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant if you feeling down, as one thing is for sure food makes everything better!

Talk to your family and friends

Technology has made our life really easy and convenient in the way by keeping ourselves connected to our family and friends anywhere in this world. Every time you start feeling lonely and miss someone back home, just give them a call and talk to them; it will always make you feel better. Have a movie night, perhaps play online games on a video call, facetime, and never forget everyone you love is just one call away and will always have time for you, especially when they know you are feeling down.

Try and Distract yourself

Try and distract yourself by doing activities, be it exercise, work, watching a movie, playing games, whatever you feel like doing as it will help keep your mind busy. At the moment, with the commencement of semester 2, you shouldn’t run out of uni work anyway. I sure won’t, as I have still got my dissertation and new modules to work on. Do whatever makes you happy and stops you from being a couch potato all day.

Travel or Explore 

I know this one isn’t the best option at the moment but can come in handy in the long run. It is to travel around your city and nearby places, explore or become a tourist for a day, and plan a trip with your friends somewhere nice and have a fun day out. The feeling of being homesick mostly starts from sitting home idle doing nothing, so get yourself out of the house and hang out with your friends. Right now, during the lockdown, you can’t travel but can still get out of the house for a walk as even a bit of fresh air is all you need to get yourself running again.
Life is never easy, and as an international student myself, I understand others’ thoughts and feelings but don’t get sad as always remember you’ve come here with a purpose and ambition. So stay focused and positive and you will get to go and see your family soon as there is always a light at the end of every tunnel. Stay happy and positive 🙂


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