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Tips for Dealing with Stress

Tips for Dealing with Stress

We all feel stressed at some point in our life. You might feel stressed because of work, because of the new semester, or if you are a final year student, you might be stressing about your project (like me) … It is impossible to avoid stress altogether, the best thing to do when you feel stressed is to try and handle it properly. Today, I think it would be helpful to share some tips when dealing with stress.

First, let us get to know some symptoms of stress. This includes low energy, pains, tense muscle, rapid heartbeat, struggling to sleep, an increase or decrease in appetite and emotional problems. However, our body reacts differently, so the signs of stress are not limited to what I mentioned.


• Try breathing exercises

Practising breathing, or just a couple of deep breaths, will help you to relax. Find yourself a comfortable position, sit or lie down and breath through your nose, deep down to your stomach, continue for 5 minutes or longer if you wish. You may as well look for guided videos online if you are a beginner. When doing a breathing exercise, the essential point is to leave your mind blank, forget your work, assignment, deadlines, and focus on your inhale and exhale. Have a look here for more information.


• Connect with people, talk about your struggle

Family or friends, lecturers and staff from university are all excellent choices. Talk to them about your struggle, what problem you face, or do something else with them to relax. Talking with others about your struggle can always help you find a different way of looking at things and, therefore, a solution.


• Take a break, have some ‘me time’

If you are working all day long, seven days a week, you will feel pressure for sure. Remember you are not a robot, and you will need time relaxing, doing something that you enjoy. Have a cup of tea, spend some time doing the things that you like, read a book, watch a movie, draw, listen to music, have a walk in the park etc. Change your focus to something other than your work, this will help you relax, but you will also become more productive afterwards.


• Stay healthy

When we are stressed, we tend to have more unhealthy habits. For example, snacking, stress eating, relying on caffeine or even alcohol. This might help you feel better for a short period, but it definitely will not solve your problem. I am not saying to avoid it altogether, and it is okay to snack a bit but keeping a balanced diet and having more fruits and vegetables will help you go a long way.


• Ask for help when necessary 

Finally, ask for help when needed. If you feel unable to cope with the pressure yourself or feel it affecting your physical or mental health, do not hesitate to ask for help. It is okay to ask for help; please do not feel embarrassed about it. Information is available on the NHS and UCB websites, so you can contact health professionals for help.

Hope these tips helped you to de-stress!

See you next week~

Hoi Yan

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